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Things to Sling 06.08.18 White Wine Edition

Things to Sling: White Wine Edition

The summer is long and full of children, and there’s no shame in needing a break this early in the season. If you decide to take some quiet time this weekend, lucky for you there are several fun shows + some much-loved movies that each pair nicely with a chilled Chardonnay. Click the links in…

Things to Sling 06.01.18 Pride

Celebrate the Start of Pride Month with Sling TV

June has finally arrived, which means it’s time to start bedecking, bedazzling, and / or befeathering some parade gear: Pride Month is here, and Sling has everything you need to get ready except glitter (and, regrettably, Glitter, but Mariah’s World on E! will do in a pinch). Click the links in the titles below to…

Things to Sling 05.18.18

Things to Sling: Royalty Edition

In honor of Meghan Markle’s transformation from television actress to royal princess — or, most likely, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex, but technically also HRH Princess Henry of Wales — this weekend Sling celebrates a few other royal titles. Check out the shows and films that, more often than not, remind commoners audiences…


J.K. Simmons is Stellar in New Starz Drama ‘Counterpart’

Since J.K. Simmons won his best actor in a supporting role Academy Award for playing a tough love jazz band director in Whiplash — a fantastic movie you must watch immediately if you have not yet — I’ve been waiting for the follow up to that role. Finally, after years of voice-over work and playing Commissioner Gordon…

best tv shows for women

Girl Power: The 8 Best TV Shows for Women

One of the best things about the absolute wealth of television available right now is the diversity of it! While ten years ago finding a show with a strong, relatable, and inspirational female lead was a bit of a challenge, it’s now as easy as can be.  If you’re looking to add a little girl…

best tv shows to binge watch

The 8 Best TV Shows to Binge Watch Over the Holidays

There are so many things we look forward to when the winter holidays come around, but one of the big ones is having some extra free time! While there’s always things to do and people to see when you have time off, you’ll likely also have some downtime to relax and catch up on shows….

Empire gives Shameless a run for most dysfunctional family.

Love Shameless? Here’s 5 TV Shows About Dysfunctional Families

Now that Shameless is back, we’re remembering how much we love TV shows about dysfunctional families – there are few things more bingeable! We can’t get enough of the drama and comedy that surrounds the fictional Gallagher family. Since we have to wait a week between new Shameless episodes, we picked out some other TV shows with families…