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National Geographic Announces Genius for Season Three

With the season two premiere of National Geographic’s critically acclaimed series Genius upon us, the network has announced who will be the focus for season three. Following season one’s Albert Einstein and season two’s Pablo Picasso comes the first female genius the series will focus on: Mary Shelley, the literary genius and creator of Frankenstein’s monster….

one strange rock

5 Reasons You’ll Love National Geographic’s ‘One Strange Rock’

If you’re a fan of nature docu-series like Planet Earth or Blue Planet, then you’re going to love National Geographic’s new 10-part docu-series, One Strange Rock, from mind-twisting filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For A Dream, Black Swan, Mother!). Here’s 5 reasons why you’re going to want to watch: It comes from the brilliant Darren Aronofsky After his latest film Mother! shook audiences to their…