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Lifetime’s ‘YOU’ Surprises in More Ways than One

It would be a mistake to lump YOU into the unending array of heavy TV dramas featuring unnaturally attractive humans.  To be fair, it has all the trappings of a throwback to the days of The WB.   Its executive production team has strong YA roots. Its cast are teen hearthrob emeriti (or related to them).  Shay…

‘Married at First Sight’ Keeps Up the Crazy in Dallas

After six seasons of perfect strangers strolling down the aisle to commitments carrying heavy personal, religious, and even legal implications at the altar, you would have thought that Married at First Sight has seen it all.  But with its new Dallas location comes new opportunity, and the show is ready to run with those for…

Lifetime Launches ‘Love at First Flight’

Here’s the thing about reality dating shows: More often than not, the “date” part of the dating is not necessarily the part you want to watch. I routinely fast-forward through The Bachelor’s one-on-ones in favor of juicier pastures, like grown women accusing each other of “glam shaming” or grown men taking part in group sing-a-longs….

Katherine McPhee stars in The Lost Wife of Robert Durst on Lifetime.

‘The Lost Wife of Robert Durst’ is A ‘Smash’-Infused Ode

The world has been forever blessed by the pop culture collision that landed Katharine McPhee in a Lifetime movie about Robert Durst’s first wife. While McPhee may be many things to many people (including – but far from limited to – ex-American Idol contestant and current companion to an ex-husband of an ex-Real Housewife), I…