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best tv shows to binge watch

The 8 Best TV Shows to Binge Watch Over the Holidays

There are so many things we look forward to when the winter holidays come around, but one of the big ones is having some extra free time! While there’s always things to do and people to see when you have time off, you’ll likely also have some downtime to relax and catch up on shows….

‘Good Behavior’ Raises The Stakes, Questions What “Normal” is

TNT’s newest, edgiest drama Good Behavior made a splash last year when it debuted as part of TNT’s transition into sexier and edgier programming. It gave Michelle Dockery a nice dousing of image dirtying after ending her run as Lady Mary on Downton Abbey, and it introduced us non-Spanish speakers to Javier Diego Botto, an Argentinian actor with…

Entrevista Juan Diego Botto - 2

“El ser hispano influyó en la definición de mi personaje”: Juan Diego Botto, actor de la serie americana Good Behavior

En entrevista con TNT, el actor argentino-español nos habló de su participación en la serie americana Good Behavior, cuya segunda temporada se estrenará en octubre de este año. Juan Diego, quien tiene más de 30 años en la industria, contó cómo siendo un actor hispano logró llegar a esta producción estadounidense que fue estrenada hace…

Juan Diego Botto in season two of Good Behavior on TNT.

How ‘Good Behavior’s Juan Diego Botto is Rasing The Stakes in Season 2

TNT changed their network flavor last year in a big way when they released the super sexy and extremely edgy drama Good Behavior, starring Downton Abbey‘s Michelle Dockery and Argentinian actor Juan Diego Botto. Dockery plays Letty, a drug-using thief who wants to manage her addictions to get custody of her son, Jacob, from her mother. Botto…

The Best TV of 2016 To Catch Up on Now

Much has been written about the demands Peak TV has put upon us poor consumers: Appreciating the wealth of great shows is easy, but keeping up with them is hard. Sure, you heard Atlanta is great, you heard good things about Search Party, but who has the time to watch all this stuff? The good…

lusia strus good behavior

EXCLUSIVE: Lusia Strus Talks Finding Her ‘Good Behavior’

TNT continues to raise the bar for its programming with Good Behavior, a show that pushes the boundaries not just for TNT but for its star Michelle Dockery (widely known as Lady Mary from Downton Abbey) and TV viewers’ acceptance of edgier, almost premium-style, content (see American Horror Story and The Walking Dead). Lusia Strus…