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UFC 230: Cormier vs. Lewis Preview

Derrick Lewis won his heavyweight bout in against Alexander Volkov during the Main Card of UFC 229. As one tends to do after a huge win, Lewis took off his pants. (I mean, what else would you do?) Asked why he took his pants off, what proceeded was possibly the best post-fight interview of all time. His personality alone is reason enough to tune-in for UFC 230 as he faces off against Daniel Cormier. Do yourself a favor and experience the glory that is Derrick Lewis.


Please don’t stop there. Going deep into the Derrick Lewis YouTube rabbit hole is totally worth it. His persona didn’t start at UFC 229, but he broke through to the top of the sport with his indelible personality. For that he will have the pleasure of facing one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. Daniel Cormier is ranked as the number one pound-for-pound fighter in UFC. He has only lost once in his career and he will be defending his heavy-weight title he won over Stipe Miocic in UFC 226. He has won the light heavy weight and heavyweight titles and he at the age of 39. He has said that he will retire when he turns 40, so he has every motivation to end his career on a high note. This might not have the direct rivalry appeal that UFC 229 between Khabib and McGregor but it should be a much closer fight than the matchup on paper might portray.

Cormier is heavily favored and he should be. But Lewis won by knockout in Round 3 in his last fight to get him to this point. He showed stamina and perseverance when the fight wasn’t always going his way. He won on an unbelievable cross to all but end it for Volkov. Lewis’ strength is legitimate and will more than make up for his comparative inexperience relative to Cormier. That stamina needs to show up though if he is to have a shot against the defending champion. Ultimately, Cormier is one of the greatest of all-time and this one might end decidedly and early in his favor. If anything, the heavyweight underdog is the number one pound-for-pound interviewee in the UFC. Win or loss though, Lewis will have a phenomenal post-fight interview. Worth the price of admission alone.

To purchase this UFC PPV event, go to the My TV tab and scroll to the Pay-Per-View ribbon. Click on the asset and you’re good to go! Watch UFC 230: Cormier vs. Lewis Saturday, November 3.