Stay in & SLING! Sports This Week

If you’re anything like us, you may be wondering how you’re going to fill that sports-sized void now that most leagues are either cancelled or postponed. Hopefully live sports are back in no time, but in the meantime, Sling TV is putting together a list of what to watch in the sports world. Check back here every Friday for an updated list. 

You can find everything from your “Sports” tab in the app. The “On Now” ribbon has everything new and live in the world of sports. Scroll down for ribbons organized by sport, where you’ll find great documentaries and On Demand games and events from the past year. Here is some of the things you can look forward to this week. 

Sports for the Week of March 20: ESPN

The World Wide Leader has you covered with continuing news coverage on how COVID-19 is affecting the sports world. To get back some normalcy, ESPN has in-depth coverage of how Free Agency is changing the landscape of the NFL. We took a closer look at Tom Brady’s decision to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers here. Is this Michael Jordan signing with the Wizards all over again? 

Besides news coverage, ESPN is doing some themed days throughout the week. Here is a preview: 

  • UFC Greatest Fights – 3/21 on ESPN 
    • Relive their 25 greatest fights, including Chuck vs. Tito, Khabib vs. McGregor, and Masvidal vs. Diaz 
  • High School Hoops – 3/21 on ESPN2 
    • Includes the 2018 McDonald’s All American Game where future NBA star Zion Williamson first made a statement to the world. 
  • Tom Brady Day – 3/22 on ESPN
    • It’s the new football Sunday and love him or hate him, all of TB12’s greatest moments will be on display. Maybe this will help to ease the pain of Patriot’s fans everywhere. 
  • OJ: Made in America – 3/22 on ESPN
    • One of the most powerful and insightful sports documentaries ever made, episode one of this five-part Oscar-winning film will air Sunday. Check back throughout the week to watch the rest or binge the full series On-Demand. 
  • The Ocho – 3/22 on ESPN2
    • With March Madness cancelled, The Ocho is officially the best day in sports. This special Spring edition will spotlight Cherry Pit Spitting, Sign Spinning, and the Stupid Robot Fighting League, among other esoteric competitions.
  • National Puppy Day – 3/23 ESPN2 
    • Last year on August 26, ESPN put on an all dog event at their campus. We could all use a six-hour block of all things dog right now.
  • Peyton Manning Day – 3/24 on ESPN2
    • This for those who didn’t enjoy the Tom Brady day earlier in the week. ESPN is pulling some of their Peyton’s Places episodes from ESPN+ and including them on ESPN2 for the day. 
  • MLB Day – 3/26 on ESPN2 
    • March 29 was supposed to be baseball’s Opening Day but for now, this will have to fill the void (it’s still painful typing that). Revisit a few of the home run derbies from the last few years, including Bryce Harper’s 2018 epic comeback. 

Brockmire – Season 4 on IFC 

If you want more baseball, you’ll have to turn to some comedy. IFC’s loveably dysfunctional sportscaster Brockmire is back in the booth for his final season. Catch up on demand and tune-in Wednesdays at 10pm ET for new episodes. You can check out our review of season 4 here.

NFL Network 

If you love sports, all that’s going on these days is NFL Free Agency. For wall-to-wall coverage, tune into NFL Free Agency Frenzy and NFL Mock Draft shows on the NFL Network. Although there will be no fans in attendance to boo their team’s picks, this year’s NFL Draft is still scheduled for April 23-25. 


MLB Network, NBATV and NHL Network are playing classic games. Relive your favorite memories and watch exclusive in-depth documentaries. 

Tune in here every Friday for the latest developments in the world of sports television. The best thing about sports is people of all walks of life coming together. Since we can’t do that right now, let’s congregate around the TV. In the end, we’re all on the same team.