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What We Learned After NFL’s First Month

Nearly a month into the NFL season, many of last year’s storylines from last year are holding true: The Eagles are winning no matter if Carson Wentz or Nick Foles are under center; Teams who auto-draft somehow unsurprisingly are thrashing our meticulously drafted fantasy teams; High profile quarterbacks like Jimmy Garoppolo are still getting hurt even with new policies in place to protect faces of the franchise. This is what the NFL feels like right now.

As things stay the same, there are several ways the NFL has changed for the better in the first month. After losing Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz and Andrew Luck to season ending injuries last year, the more stringent penalties are understandable. While they seem oversensitive many times, improving protection of players is never going to be a bad thing. The new rules are welcomed but reform is seemingly a must and the league is already looking into the rule.

A Win for the Dawg Pound

Starting with what the Dawg Pound in Cleveland deserves. A win. Not to mention, a seemingly reliable starting quarterback. After Tyrod Taylor went down with a injury at halftime, the franchise couldn’t script a better story than to have Baker Mayfield get the franchise’s first win in more than 600 days. This Browns team is already much better and could be 3-0 if it weren’t for some field goal misses. This has also been the year of rookie quarterbacks. Five quarterbacks were drafted in the first round of the 2018 draft and all but Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens has seen action at the position. Sam Darnold got the job out of training camp and looked sharp in his debut but defenses soon caught up. Mayfield will have to continue to evolve if he is to avoid a similar start as Darnold, who coincidentally he beat for his first win. Who knew a Jets at Browns game on Thursday night would be the highlight of the season so far. The Browns winning is great for the NFL and the city of Cleveland earned a much deserved free beer for the win over the Jets. Cheers.

A new voice 

In other good news, the Thursday Night games on Amazon will feature an all-woman NFL broadcast for the first time ever. Hannah Storm from ESPN and Andrea Kremer who is honored in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for her work in broadcasting will lead the calls. This sport has never been just for men and more perspectives only makes the product richer and more dynamic.

Vontae Davis retires at halftime

The Buffalo Bills had a halftime moment of their own when Vontae Davis retired at the half against the Los Angeles Chargers. The cornerback  explained his decision saying he felt like his body couldn’t take it anymore and that he shouldn’t be out on the field anymore. I have worked more minimum wage jobs than seasons Davis has played in the NFL (10) and I have never seen someone walk out in the middle of their shift. What is waiting two more quarters to come to the same conclusion. Twitter promptly roasted him after his club handedly beat the heavily favored Minnesota Vikings the very next week.


If you thought Davis was having a bad time at his job, he had nothing on whoever is the mascot for the University of Colorado. If you’re having a bad day at work, feel better in knowing that it is probably never going to get this bad.

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