Vikings Descend on Chicago, Trubisky To Make NFL Debut

A year ago, the Minnesota Vikings were the toast of the NFL, boasting a 5-0 record that included wins over the Packers, Giants and Panthers, and QB Sam Bradford was looking like the steal of the free agent class. They would go on to lose eight of their last 11 games and miss the playoffs….


Kareem Hunt and Chiefs Take Aim at Washington

The Kansas City Chiefs opened the 2017 seasons with a stunning statement, going into New England and punching the defending Super Bowl Champs square in the mouth as they rolled to a 42-27 win that marked the most points ever allowed by a Belichick-Patriots team, and KC has shown no signs of slowing down. Most…

#Bingeworthy: ‘O.J.: Made in America’

Even if you were alive and following the news at the time of the Simpson trial, reliving it through the lens of Ezra Edelman’s towering documentary O.J.: Made in America has you gasping again and again at all the details you’d somehow forgotten, and dozens more that somehow slipped your radar. The Simpson trial had…

Malcolm Butler Super Bowl

The Highs and Lows of the Super Bowl

The week leading up to the Super Bowl is nothing short of a media frenzy. Reporters from across the world converge to ask players and coaches variations of the same questions they’ve been asked throughout the playoffs only to get canned, PR approved responses. To stand out from the crowd, the media resorts to ridiculous…

Super Bowl Halftime

Ten Landmark Moments in Super Bowl Halftime History

Often times a survey of the “greatest” or the “most” or whatever will be heavily tilted toward more recent times because people are dumb and have short memories, but in the case of the Super Bowl Halftime show, it’s because they really were a limp, cold nothingburger for about a quarter century. Super Bowl IV:…

aaron rodgers

NFL Playoffs on Sling: Aaron Rodgers Is Chasing the GOAT

If Tom Brady were to retire today, this is what Aaron Rodgers would have to do to match him statistically: go 93-7 while completing 2,210 of 3,567 passes (62%) for 24,755 yards, 159 touchdowns and 80 interceptions. That would roughly work out to 6 seasons of going 15-1, while completing 351 of 566 for 3,929…