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NFL Week 15: Seats Will Be Filling Up Fast for the Postseason

The reckoning is upon those with dreams of making it to the NFL postseason. The Chiefs have clinched the top spot in the AFC West for the fourth consecutive year and the Saints have secured their third straight NFC South title, while the Ravens have clinched a playoff berth, are currently the #1 seed in…

Thanksgiving NFL Weekend isn’t Over: Must Watch Week 13 Games

If you’re reading this it likely means you survived Thanksgiving — well done. As a reward for your intestinal fortitude — both metaphorical and literal — you get to spend a second day loafing on the couch watching the NFL. Congratulations! Unless your a fan of the Bengals, the only team in the league to…

Here Are the NFL’s Best Thanksgiving Performances By Position

Before we preview this year’s slate of Thanksgiving Day games, let’s look back on the great Thanksgiving performances in NFL history. We’ve found the very best holiday performances by QBs, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, the secondary and the D-line. It’s a collection of Hall-of-Famers, future Hall-of-Famers, disgraced Hall-of-Famers, the former NFL Fumble King,…

Will Sanity Return to NFL After a Crazy Weekend of Upsets?

What happened in the NFL last week? The Browns beat the Bills, the Titans bested the Chiefs, the Falcons trounced the Saints, the Jets and Dolphins both won on the same day for the first time since December 9, 2018, and the Niners lost their first game of the season, and at home no less….