The Golden State Warriors to take on the Boston Celtics at 8pm ET Thursday on TNT.

Warriors to Test Celtics, Rockets Get Boost From CP3

Biggest Game of the Week: Warriors vs Celtics The Celtics have won 12 straight since dropping their first two, despite a recent spate of injuries that saw AL Horford miss two games with a concussion and Kyrie Irving missing time with a “minor facial fracture.” But Boston should be at full strength for their biggest…


LeBron James and The Cavs of A Lost Cause

Remember that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones scrambles to get under the stone wall that’s coming down from the top of the cave and then reaches back to grab his whip? The Cavs are Indiana Jones, the whip is one last NBA title, and the stone wall is LeBron James…

Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs are rolling into week two of the NBA season undefeated.

NBA Week 2: What To Expect

After a first week of play oversaturated with injuries and questionable displays of anger towards refs, it’s anyone’s guess what week two of the NBA season is going to bring. From a matchup perspective, here’s what’s we can expect: Wednesday San Antonio Spurs (3-0) vs Miami Heat (2-1) 8pm ET on ESPN LaMarcus Aldridge is…

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant ejected during a the first week of the NBA regular season.

NBA’s Crazy Summer Begets Crazy Week One

In retrospect, it only makes sense an absolutely insane off-season would be followed by an equally bananas first week of play riddled with injuries and bad behavior. The new-look Celtics saw Gordon Hayward’s season end six minutes into the first game of the year against the Cavs, as he broken his ankle in a fall…