Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics

NBA on Sling: Celtics’ Woes Dwarf All Others

Three road teams won their series opener over the weekend, but two of those teams — Milwaukee and Utah — are the favorites despite being the lower seed, so things went more or less according to plan. But there were three developments that could have a big impact on the week ahead. The Death of Isaiah…

Russell Westbrook

NBA on Sling: Handing Out the Hardware

  The season is all but over, meaning it’s safe to start anointing award winners. The MVP has race been the most dominant and intriguing, as Russell Westbrook and James Harden have both had record breaking seasons for the ages. The Sixth Man race was thrown into chaos by a mid-season trade, the Rookie of…

NBA Hall of Fame Snubs

NBA on Sling: 5 Guys Denied a Hall Pass

Tracy Mc Grady admitted to getting a little misty when he got the call this past Saturday informing him that he’d been elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame, and it’s no wonder. Once you’ve walked away from the game that’s defined your life, Hall of fame induction is for may the last chance at…


NBA on Sling: The Immigrant Quota All Stars

The great baseball writer Joe Posnanski recently asked for help putting together an All Star team with the caveat that you can only have one player from each country. Sounds like fun, let’s try it out on the NBA. Starting 5 Goran Dragic, PG, Slovenia: One of the quirks of compiling a national team like…

Cleveland Cavs

NBA on Sling: League Needs to Back Away From Back-to-Backs

The “resting stars in preparation for the postseason” thing is officially a problem for the NBA, and man is it a dumb one. What makes it so dumb is that it’s entirely the consequence of coaches responded logically to boneheaded scheduling. The Cavs took a drubbing at the hands of the Clippers Saturday, falling 108-78,…

Cavs vs Warriors

NBA on Sling: So Much for That Cavs-Warriors Rubber Match

Was a third straight Cavs-Warriors finals so much to ask for? Don’t we need – don’t we deserve – a rubber match to settle this once and for all? A final 7-game series to determine the dominant team of the era? A chance for LeBron to finally convince the world that he really is Jordan’s…