Manny Machado

MLB on Sling: Beanballs Need to Stop

Boston Red Sox reliever Matt Barnes nearly killed the Orioles’ Manny Machado Sunday night, becoming just the latest big leaguer to imperil a fellow player’s life and livelihood in a moronic attempt to defend a teammate. This rampant stupidity needs to stop, and hats off to Dustin Pedroia’s for responding accordingly. You’ve no doubt seen…

Jeremy Guthrie

MLB on Sling: Requiem for a Pitcher

Jeremy Guthrie’s 13-year baseball career almost surely came to an inglorious end Saturday, a cruel present for a man to receive on his 38th birthday. Guthrie was making his debut with the Washington Nationals, yet he would throw only 47 pitches to the Philadelphia Phillies, enough to record just two outs, but allow 10 runs on…