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MLB Postseason: A Guide to the 2018 Playoffs

If you haven’t noticed, the 2018 baseball playoffs are already lit. 🔥There were two playoff games to decide positioning in the postseason which has never happened before. Then the one game playoffs were full of dramatics, bombs and hugs. Now that the series are all set, and you haven’t hitched your wagon to any team in particular, here is your unofficial guide to the playoffs and who you can root for. Check below for the full MLB Playoffs schedule.

Houston Astros

The last time there was a repeat champion in the majors, the Y2K scare was not far in the rear view. The New York Yankees beat the New York Mets in the Subway series. In arguably no other sport is it more difficult to repeat. Somehow the Astros looked better in the regular season than they did last year. Root for the Astros if you want to see the kind of history we haven’t seen in nearly two decades.

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox were the closest thing to a dynasty next to the San Francisco Giants in those past two decades. Even then, the only time they got close was reaching Game 7 of the ALCS against the Rays in 2008. Root for the Red Sox if you want to root for the best team of the regular season. Root for them if you made a low risk, low reward bet. At DH, J.D Martinez looked to be every bit the successor at to David Ortiz who they’ve been desperately trying to replace since his retirement. Martinez is a strong contender for AL MVP the way he was able to gel that clubhouse even better than he mashed bombs. (43 HR, 130 RBIs) He’s the best player on the best team in baseball. The Red Sox have been around for 117 years. They have never won as many games as they did this year winning a franchise record 108 games.

New York Yankees

Root for the Yankees if the Empire Strikes Back is your favorite film. The Yankees were ahead of schedule last year making it one game away from the World Series. Joe Torre got fired for that performance for a more analytics focused manager in the former Yankee hero Aaron Boone. The Yankees were even better than last year with much credit going to acquiring the biggest free agent in baseball in Giancarlo Stanton. But this better season wasn’t a given as Aaron Judge missed a large chunk of the season nearly cutting his homerun total in half from the year prior. But the Yankees beat the Oakland Athletics at their own game of putting together a squad that just hits homers. The only difference the A’s paid $63 million compared to the Yankees $194 million. Granted the Yankees trounced the A’s in the Wild Card  but root for this team if you like to over pay for things. Also, they’re off to play the Red Sox in the playoffs for the first time since Boston’s magical run in 2004. Watch this if you’re a baseball traditionalist.

Cleveland Indians

The Indians quietly had a fantastic season and probably didn’t get as much credit as they deserve because they easily play in the worst division in baseball. Everyone in the AL Central except the Indians. The American League was so good this year that the Indians are considerable underdogs even though they won 91 games and won their division by 13 games. But root for this team because the city of Cleveland deserves it the most. Now that the Cubs and Red Sox have ended their droughts, Cleveland hasn’t won a World Series since 1947. Getting Baker Mayfield and ending the Indians drought would make it the best year ever in Cleveland sports history. Yes, probably even better than that year Lebron brought a championship.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers have a drought of their own that only probably the city of Cleveland would scoff at. Los Angeles hasn’t won the series since 1988. They are the Yankees of the west and the NL with usally outrageous payrolls but that hasn’t added up to any rings. They have pared down the budget from last year and sign key free agent Manny Machado to push them over the edge from last year’s game seven defeat in the World Series against the Astros. They are not as good as last year, but they are still the best team in the National League playoffs

Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers don’t want to hear about droughts. They’ve only been to the playoffs five times including this year, let alone won a World Series. They won the AL pennant in 1982 but the National League hasn’t been as kind. Root for the Brewers if you want to root for the underdog. They’re the team and the town the probably needs the most relief.

Colorado Rockies

Fans from Denver would probably argue with that last sentiment. They have also have only been to the playoffs five times. The series between the Rockies and Brewers seems like the perfect underdog matchup in these years’ playoffs. No matter what, a team who has been overlooked for years will make it the championship series. The Rockies have also have won a pennant but got swept in the World Series in 2007. Flip a coin for which underdog you’d like to root for. If nothing else, root for this team because they’re in the hometown of the Sling TV headquarters.

Atlanta Braves

Root for the Braves if you want to be rooting for the future. In no scenario were the Braves supposed to win the NL East. The Washington Nationals squandered their super team and the Braves overachieved and made it to the playoffs a year ahead of schedule after a lengthy preview. They have potentially the most exciting young players in the playoffs in Ozhaino Albies and Ron Acuna Jr. If you want to know what baseball’s best team in 2022 looks like, this is your team.

Our World Series Prediction

The Red Sox made baseball look easy this year. They handled their division rival easily this season in the Yankees. The Astros present the biggest challenge but their roster is so deep and they have rallied around their new management in a way they did not do last year when they played the Astros. They will face the best team in the National League in the Dodgers who will make it to the World Series the second time in a row. They will not end their drought though losing to the Red Sox in six games. Who do you got ruling this October?!

DateTime (ET)AwayHomeNetwork
29-Tues 6:07 PM Washington Nationals Houston Astros FOX
30-Wed 8:08 PM Washington Nationals Houston Astros FOX