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All the reasons to watch The Match: Tiger vs. Phil

You may be wondering what is the smartest way to spend your money this Black Friday. You could buy that sweater for your significant other that they don’t want or your next Echo dot that will be used more frequently as a puck for pickup hockey in the basement. Here’s one better. Treat yourself and watch Tiger and Phil tee off against one another in a PPV bout that has rivaled anything inside a ring or an octagon this year.

We can hear you say, why should I pay to watch only two golfers past their primes face off in front of absolutely nobody for relatively low stakes? So many reasons my friend. Here are a few of those reasons so your Thanksgiving holiday is stuffed with more sports than you’ll ever be with leftovers.

The Side Bets 

Sure, $9 million is on the line. That’s motivation enough for these two to come together. But it’s not the entire reason. Every hole there will be the opportunity to make side bets. The match hasn’t even started and these two are already making wagers. Phil Mickelson bet Tiger $100,00  in a press conference that’d he’d birdie the first hole. Tiger immediately doubled it. Imagine what bets will be made after the match actually starts. Phil is even pulling out fat stacks in interviews. You can also get in on the action with live betting updates throughout the round. This match is as interactive as it is unfiltered.

Unfiltered PPV

Speaking of which, Tiger is a notorious cursor so get ready for all the glorious trash talk that will inevitably ensue. But another unique aspect about this match is that there will be no people watching live at the event in Las Vegas. While this allows for the focus just to be on the match, no one will have to be watching their mouth. Both of the golfers caddies will be mic’d up too. Tiger and Phil didn’t speak much to start their careers. They we’re always furiously competing to beat one another. Now in the later parts of their careers, they have become closer. But Tiger has consistently beat Phil. Mickelson sees this as every opportunity to relieve some of that losing to take some money from his friend. There will be no repercussions for their actions. Plus there are no commercials. Good luck getting that anywhere else this holiday weekend.

The Announcers

These aren’t the announcers you hear whispering over the tournament that your grandpa falls asleep to. We have Charles Barkley who couldn’t know less about golf and is somehow one of the most influential people in the sport. That swing will haunt your nightmares. But his work on Inside the NBA with Shaq has made him one of the most entertaining athlete turned commentators. Then add one of the greatest actors in Samuel L. Jackson and what more could you ask for? This isn’t your “what’s in your wallet Capital One” Samuel L. Jackson. This is PPV, so expect the guy from all of those Quentin Tarantino movies and the guy upset that there are a tremendous amount of snakes on a commercial plane. Ernie Johnson, someone who actually knows something about golf, will bring this whole ensemble together.

The Match

These two have brought this sport to more generations and made it more popular than any other golfers in history. They have reached the status of legends who only need one name. They are not in their primes but that’s not the point. These two make each other better. When Tiger has struggled the past decade to make a comeback, Phil has been there for support. This is an opportunity to open the window and let the stuffiness of a regularly tournament flee. It’s a flip-your-cap-back match. Is this an untraditional match? Sure, but it shakes up the sport and bring intrigue especially in the off season. It’s an opportunity to relax, get in on some of the action and watch these two greats like you’ve never seen them before.

Tiger is playing some of the best golf he has in a decade winning a tournament and finishing in the top ten in other majors and he should be the favorite. You don’t have to remind Phil any of that. We’re betting on a tight finish.

Watch The Match: Tiger vs. Phil on PPV Friday, November 23 at 3 p.m. ET. Under the My TV tab scroll down to the Pay-Per-View ribbon to order.