PTC Punjabi and Sling TV Strengthen Punjabi Offering

Sling TV Punjabi Super pack customers, we have more ways for you to connect to your Punjabi roots.  This October, we added 4 new PTC channels to our existing lineup of PTC Punjabi, PTC News and PTC Chak De and these new channels will further enhance your pride for your Punjabi roots while living in the U.S.

Here are some highlights for these new HD channels.

  • PTC Punjabi Gold is the only Punjabi movie & sports channel in the U.S. where you can watch the latest blockbusters and movies from the black & white era. Also, we hope you tuned into the excitement of the Punjab 2018, Global Kabaddi League and the CWE Big fight with the great Khali. Keep watching other Punjabi sporting events like hockey, kabaddi and volleyball only on this channel.
  • PTC Dhol TV is a treat for Punjabi folk music lovers. Watch local Punjabis perform a combination of pendu songs (from the villages) and other local music.
  • PTC Music is a fun-filled roller coaster ride of the latest songs from Punjabi movies and pop culture.
  • PTC Simran is meant for our religiously inclined Sikh fans. Unlike typical religious channels that only air Kirtan, this channel has talent shows for Gurbani singers and kids who are into Nitnem Baru Sahib and Darshan Deedar, while featuring the history of popular gurdwaras of India. Also, unique to PTC Simran are quiz shows on Punjabi heritage.

And in case you do not already know, this might interest you on our existing PTC channels:

  • PTC Punjabi is a premium Punjabi entertainment channel with shows focusing on current affairs, reality TV, film awards or community events both in India and the U.S. Gurbani from the Golden Temple is also offered on daily basis. Catch all the fun & excitement on Miss PTC PUNJABI 2018, the biggest platform for Punjabi Mutiyaars, being aired now. And do not miss its finale on January 12, 2019.
  • PTC News Block your calendars for December 8, 2018 at 4.30 pm to watch popular stars – Jazzy B, Gauhar Khan, Bohemia, Manish Paul and many more on the red carpet of PTC Punjabi Music Awards 2018. Get constant updates on current affairs and discussions on issues from the U.S. and India. This channel focuses on the Punjabi community in India, the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
  • PTC Chak De is the top-rated, non-stop Punjabi music channel. With the enthusiastic support of the entire Punjabi music industry, this channel delivers the most world premieres of Punjabi songs (like Channa by Gurmeet Singh and Khalaraa by Money Aujla) as well as daily prayer telecasts.

You can easily find all these new channels within your guide. We will keep adding more entertainment for our Punjabi customers.

And if you are new to our family, find out more about our Punjabi packages and channels here.

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