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How to Watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup on Sling TV in Arabic, French, Portuguese, or Polish

You can access all of your in-language matches and the bonus channels through the grid guide and the channel guide.  The exact channels you see in your guide will depend on the Sling service(s) you are subscribed to.

Also, the in-language coverage will not appear on your regular FOX channel, but instead on a special FOX channel created just for Sling.

When you open your grid guide, the special FIFA World Cup™ channels should be featured ahead of your regular programming. Just look for channels with the following logo type:

Here is how the guide for a World Sports subscriber will look like in a Chrome web browser.  Descriptions for each of these channels in the screenshot are given below:

Language Coverage

The language coverage in your service will appear first on your guide (“Portuguese” and “French” above). Thus, the World Sports customers would receive the FIFA World Cup™ language coverage channels in Portuguese and French first. Similarly, customers with Arabic, Polish, Portuguese or French service, will see the channel with commentary in those respective languages first.

Free Preview of FSI

Customers can enjoy a Free preview of FS1 with English audio from June 14 until June 17. FS1 will be airing select matches throughout the FIFA World Cup™. See the schedule grid here  to ensure that your favorite game is airing on FS1 until June 17.

Bonus Feeds

All of our in-language services also receive bonus channels for each team playing and these are also shown in the guide’s screenshot above. Read on for more details on each of the bonus feeds:

1. Team Channel 1A, 2A Programming

These two channels will show you each team’s perspective. For example, if you were watching the Russia vs. Saudi Arabia match on day 1, you would see a mosaic (screenshot below) of team stats, a focus on either Russia or Saudi Arabia playing with Fox announcers in the background and another focus on the benched team on these 2 channels.

2. Highlight Channel Programming*

This channel shows the highlights on a loop while the game is being played.

3. 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Match 360 1*

Get the behind the scenes look(like the team arrivals, dressing room prep and player warm ups) two hours before each match kicks off.

4. Cable Cam Programming*

This channel focuses on the ball and also captures the run of the play as the ball advances.


*Please note that these bonus channels come with the natural sound.


The 2018 FIFA World Cup™ runs from June 14 – July 15, 2018. For more information on which service is right for you, click here.