How to Upgrade from Sling World Sports to a Sling International Package

Sling World Sports customers can easily upgrade their subscriptions to watch their language entertainment channels along with sports of their choice. Even better, World Sports channels are already included without a separate add-on cost in many of Sling’s international packages!

To include TV Globo, MBC, TV5Monde, or RAI Italia in your channel lineup, check out this grid for more information on which Sling international package might be best for you:


Included in Package(s) Monthly Price

World Sports Channels Included?

TV Globo

Brazilian TV Globo              Brazilian          Brazil Mega $20/month $25/month $35/month Sim


Arabic Mosaic

$25/month نعم فعلا

French Bouquet



RAI Italia

Panorama Italiano



Also, here is a guide to updating your subscription so that you can continue watching your favorite international channels in addition to your favorite World Sports channels:

1. Visit and sign in to your account.

Change Subscription Sling International

2. Click the Change Subscription button (as demonstrated above).

Add Other Language Sling International

3. Use the Add Other Language dropdown menu to select the language you want (such as French in this example).

Add Language Pack Sling International

4. Click the Add button to add that package to your account.

Uncheck World Sports Sling International

5. Remove the World Sports package by unchecking the Add button next to World Sports. Remember, there is no need to pay for these channels twice! These channels are already included in the international packages outlined in the grid above.

Review Order Sling International

6. Review your plan and click Submit Order. If you make changes in the middle of your billing cycle, partial charges or credits will be calculated automatically. If you upgrade to a more expensive package, then you will see a prorated “Amount Due Now” above the new monthly total (the new monthly total is the amount that will be due at your next complete billing cycle).