Get $15 and give $15 with Sling

Sling customers, did you know you could get $5 off your subscription for 3 months? All you need to do is share your Sling TV love with a friend. And what’s even better is that your friend will also get $5 off on their subscription for first 3 months once they start paying for their monthly subscription.

You can refer your friend to Sling TV by sending them an email or sharing your personal code in 3 easy steps:

1. Sign in on

2. Click on “Get $15” on the right of Account page as highlighted.

3. Enter your friend(s) email in the address box and send email in the pop-up window.

You can also share your personal code with your friend through any social media platform or messenger.

Once your friend becomes a paying Sling TV subscriber, you’ll both receive a $5 credit on your bill for first 3 months(Eligibility requirements apply). You can redeem up to 12 referral discounts per account. Multiple referral discounts cannot be combined in the same billing cycle.

Thanks for being an awesome friend and an amazing Sling customer!