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Al Felous

Al Felous revolves around a crook who is hired by a rich girl to retrieve her money from another crook when, in fact, the crook she hired is the exact same crook who stole from her, and he did so to bring the money back to her to show his good intent.

To adequately review Al Felous, one has to refer back to Tamer Hosny’s previous hit, Al Badla. In that movie, Tamer Hosny was joined by Akram Hosny. The scenario writer was Ayman Bahjat Qamar. The director was the veteran, Saeed Al Marouq. It proved to be a box office hit as well as a success in the eyes of critics.

Al Badla was a light comedy that borrowed from the comedic prowess of comedic actor Akram Hosny to invigorate the comedic sense of the movie in addition to giving Tamer Hosny his deservedly reasonable screen time. On the other hand, Al Felous primarily featured Tamer Hosny, not giving viewers a break from him as well as not having someone more comedically capable balance out any potential loopholes in the performance. Supporting actors, such as Zaina, Aisha bin Ahmad, and Khalid Al Sawi had minor roles that did not help right any wrongs as much since their scenes were not very impactful. Muhammad Salam, on the other hand, added some comedic spice to the film.

The movie was constantly marred by unintentionally presenting itself as a parody of older movies by the likes of Ahmad Fahmy, Hisham Majid, and Shiko. Old clichés are recycled, and there is a lot of sexual innuendo regarding women that gets old quickly. Women are objectified and represented as less intelligent than the male lead. Furthermore, plot twists were clearly added for the sake of adding them instead of actually shocking the viewer. Also, two hours were too long for the movie as many filler scenes could have been taken out without compromising the story. Nonetheless, the director did a great job with action scenes as well as scenes beautifully showcasing the surroundings of the actors.

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Les Baghdad

Les Baghdad, a treasure-hunt movie, looks like a movie that came straight out of Hollywood, which is a compliment. The action scenes, beautiful graphics, and visual effects are absolutely high-caliber work. At one point in the striking movie, there is an underwater scene that is sure to blow away the masses. However, we won’t spoil that for you, but we will tell you that, at another point, there is a jump out of a plane, so hold on to your seats. Synergy, the company behind the fabulous movie, was able to come up with something unique and new by mixing action and comedy in a synergetic way, quite like the name of the company.

That being said, those who are fan of the hybrid genre will definitely find something for them in this A-tier movie that is so A-tier that one could forget that it is an Egyptian production. Of course, Egypt is known for its astoundingly good movies and its consistent production of the most memorable movies in the region, but Les Baghdad takes the game to a whole other level.

Every great movie as a great cast. The cast of Les Baghdad primarily consists of Muhammad Imam, Ahmad Al Awadhi, and Muhammad Abdulrahman. Also starring are Salah Abdullah, Fathi Abdulwahhab, Yasmeen Raees, Ameena Khaleel, and Ahmad Rizq. The director was Ahmad Khalid Mousa, and the movie was written by Tamer Ibraheem. The star of the show, Muhammad Imam, presents all scene with incredible diligence and also charm, further establishing himself as a household name in modern Egyptian cinema.

The graphics in the movie are indeed crisp. They are a clear step ahead from graphics previously attempted in Egyptian movies. What is great about the graphics this time around is that they are not only capable of competing locally, but worldwide. They are extravagant yet believable, two things that are hard to mix. It is like the production team was able to push the limits of believability without tastelessly exceeding the threshold. Furthermore, graphics were used scarcely so that they were only used when appropriate, making each scene heavy with graphics a scene to remember.

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Banat Thanawy

Banat Thanawy is Egypt’s answer to high school movies, starring Jameela Awadh, May Al Ghaity, Mayan Al Sayyid, Hanadi Mehanna, Muhammad Al Sharnoubi, and Muhammad Mehran. The writer was Ayman Salama, the director was Mahmoud Kamel, and the producer was Ahmad Al Sabaki. The movie’s idea sprouted in 2015, but the execution only started in 2018 due to producers fearing risking participating in this movie without a cast of stars, which the eventual producer eventually found. In fact, the movie was such a success that other producers are now encouraged to embark on similar projects.

The events of Banat Thanawy revolve around five teenage girls in high school and their typical struggles during that phase in their lives. There is a focus on the role of social media in teenage life today, but the message regarding the movie was presented too plainly instead of embedding it within the scenes. It was as if viewers were literally meant to get taught a lesson instead of them understanding it by absorbing the movie.

Nonetheless, there is a valuable message regarding social media being a constant distraction in modern-day living in addition to many conflicts sprouting from social media due to discussions that are held online instead of face to face. In other words, a lot of serious discourse can be had over the internet without showing facial expressions, body language, and so on that could lead to misinterpretations and eventually breakups. In any case, the movie was a success, reaching number two at the box office after Al Felous, featuring Tamer Hosny. There will be a sequel involving college.What keeps you waiting? Don’t miss the Egyptian movies, Al Felous, Les Baghdad, and Banat Thanawy and subscribe to the Arabic mosaic pack on Sling TV!