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Keset Hob

Keset Hob on MTV

Keset Hob, a new dramatic series on MTV, is poised to have viewers on the edges of their seats with suspense. The show was written by Nadine Gaber, directed by Phillipe Asmar, and produced by Online Production. Starring in the show are Yousif Haddad, Mazin Muazzam, Sara Abi Kanaan, Muna Wasif, Lilian Namry, Mirihan Hussain,…

New Feature

Improving Your Sling Experience With Our New Zoom Feature!

Times have changed — technology is advancing, and Sling TV is advancing alongside it!  Announcing our brand-new Zoom feature for those enjoying Sling on their HD TVs!  If you have an high-definition (HD) television, you can now get rid of those black bars on the sides of your screen when you watch your Sling. They…

Egyptian Premier League

Egyptian Premier League Round-Up – Week One

The first round of fixtures in the 2019 – 2020 Egyptian Premier League was played last weekend. Let’s take a closer look at how they did. Egyptian Super Cup The season began on Friday night at a Cairo derby, with Al-Ahly, league champions, taking on their bitter rivals and last Super Cup winners, Zamalek. The…

Aatel Aan El Horiye

Aatel Aan El Horiye on MTV

For the first time in history, MTV takes us inside Lebanese prisons and gives us an in-depth look at the lives inmates led prior to their incarceration. In a documentary format, Samir Youssef’s interviews often touch on topics that range from the prisoners’ upbringing to detailed accounts of their crimes. Full of suspense, “Aatel Aan…