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Shahid vip VOD

What’s New on Shahid VIP

Shahid VIP is your prolific content provider. Enjoy material in the form of Shahid Premieres and Shahid Originals, with the latter comprising both short and long form material. Shahid’s international partners include heavy hitters, such as Disney, Fox and CBS. In addition, the media powerhouse has a music partnership with the world’s leading music-streaming service,…

Ahmed Mekky: From Zero to Hero Image

Ahmed Mekky: From Zero to Hero

Ahmed Mekky is the comedian who went from zero to hero in no time. Born to an Algerian father and an Egyptian mother, he is an actor, writer, director, and rapper. Raised in the El Talbia part of the El Haram District in Giza, Egypt, he moved from Oran, Algeria from a very young age,…

Al Felous

Arabic Movie Reviews

Al Felous Al Felous revolves around a crook who is hired by a rich girl to retrieve her money from another crook when, in fact, the crook she hired is the exact same crook who stole from her, and he did so to bring the money back to her to show his good intent. To…

ART: Video on Demand Image

ART: Video on Demand

ART (the Arab Radio and Television Network) is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and has multiple channels. Founded in October 1993 by Saleh Abdullah Kamel, a Saudi businessman, it is a private company that specializes in family entertainment, movies, music, and sports. Although ART lost a large portion of its audience after there were launched…

Beit El Kell on MTV

Beit El Kell on MTV

Adel Karam is back with a new hit show! Beit El Kell revolves around Karam’s home life. Every episode shows him going about his daily tasks when a visitor comes to the door — a close friend, the guest of that show, whom he chats with. The visitors are generally media personalities, such as singer…