Weekend Catch-up: This Week’s Best Episodes On-Demand

Claws 1.2, ‘Funerary’ (TNT)


American Gods 1.8, ‘Come to Jesus’ (SEASON FINALE — Starz)


Twin Peaks 3.7, ‘Part Seven’ (Showtime)


Fear the Walking Dead 3.4, ‘100’ (AMC)


Silicon Valley 4.9, ‘Hooli-Con’ (HBO)


Veep 6.9, ‘A Woman First’ (HBO)


Better Call Saul 3.10, ‘Lantern’ (SEASON FINALE — AMC)


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 6.14, ‘Reality Bites’ (VH1)


Daytime Divas 1.3, ‘Blind Items’ (VH1)


Pretty Little Liars 7.19, ‘Farewell, My Lovely’


Animal Kingdom 2.4, ‘Broken Boards’ (TNT)


Genius 1.10, ‘Einstein: Chapter Ten’ (NatGeo)


The Real Housewives of NYC 9.12, ‘Regency Reunion’ (Bravo)


The Mist 1.1, ‘Pilot’ (SERIES PREMIERE — Spike)


Fargo 3.10, ‘Somebody to Love’ (SEASON FINALE — FX)


The President Show 1.9, ‘Matt Walsh’ (Comedy Central)


Queen of the South 2.3, ‘Un Pacto Con el Diablo (USA)


Nashville 5.15, ‘A Change Would Do You Good’ (CMT)