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  • TV News Dump: Theatrical Releases Now On Demand, Free FOX, ‘Fargo’ Pushed, and more

TV News Dump: Theatrical Releases Now On Demand, Free FOX, ‘Fargo’ Pushed, and more

The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to affect the entire world, including the TV business. While we’re all sequestered in our homes, a lot of us are going to be turning on the television for information, and for comfort and distraction from said information. So it seems worthwhile to continue updates on what we can expect to see on our screens in the weeks and months ahead, and to see how the TV industry is trying to help us all get through this crisis:

  • Universal has made its recent theatrical releases The Invisible Man, Emma, and The Hunt available for on-demand home viewing (including on Sling TV) for $19.99 each, in order to keep people entertained and out of public spaces like movie theaters. Going forward, Universal’s new releases will be available on VOD on their scheduled theatrical release dates, starting with Trolls World Tour on April 10. Will this be the final blow to theatrical releases? We really hope not. (Variety
  • As a public service to help keep the populace informed in these uncertain times, FOX broadcast, FOX News Channel, and Cheddar News are currently streaming for free, without need of a cable subscription, including on all Sling TV services: Sling Blue, Sling Orange, and the Sling free experience. (Fox locals available only in certain markets.) (THR)
  • With pretty much all production shut down across the industry, TV’s medical dramas have found a way to help: by donating prop medical supplies, like gowns, gloves, and most importantly, the N-95 masks that are in short supply nationwide, to real medical facilities. FOX’s The Resident and NBC’s New Amsterdam are among the generous donators. Let’s just make sure we’re not scrubbing any actors into surgery! (THR)
  • Though late-night shows and live in-studio shows stopped production last week, the first effects of the TV shutdown arrived on the scripted side: Fargo season 4, set to premiere April 19 on FX, has been delayed indefinitely. Noah Hawley’s critically adored homage to the Coen brothers oeuvre had two episodes left to shoot, and rather than potentially leave viewers hanging with two episodes to go, chose to delay the whole season. The season is still set to star Chris Rock, Jason Schwartzman, and Timothy Olyphant, whenever it premieres. (THR)
  • And now they’re delaying the Avatar sequels too? Curse you, COVID-19, you’ve finally gone too far!!! (Deadline)