Things to Sling 04.13.18

Things to Sling This Weekend

Wondering what to watch this weekend? Below find some of the best things on Sling you might not have seen yet. Watch now from the comfort of your Chrome web browser.

1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Rent it now in SD for $4.99 or HD for $5.99. He may be back in theaters this weekend with Rampage, but you can also catch America’s favorite action star / future White House occupant Dwayne Johnson in this sequel to the Robin Williams classic without ever leaving your couch. And isn’t that the real American dream? Go ahead: live it.

2. The Terror

But, if you’re looking for an adventure tale with a bit more bite—frostbite, to be specific—then head over to AMC for this high seas horror show. Based on the true story of a (failed) British expedition to find the Northwest Passage, this chiller stars Game of Thrones’ Ciarán Hinds and Mad Men’s Jared Harris as captains of the two doomed ships. What’s infinitely more interesting than watching ice melt? Watching ice not melt, and the subsequent tension that arises when supplies grow scarce and sailors grow mutinous.

3. Trust

Or, if you take your survival stories with a little less ice but all the frostiness of strained family dynamics, then maybe this sprawling retelling of the the Getty kidnapping is for you. Episodes of this Danny Boyle -directed drama are available on demand on FX immediately after airing on Sunday nights. Added bonus: answers to the much-asked question “Whatever happened to Brendan Fraser and two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank?”

4. All the Money in the World

Changing course from a two-time Oscar winner to a four-time nominee, Michelle Williams leads an all-star cast in this condensed version of the Getty saga. Speaking of changing course, Christopher Plummer picked up a third Oscar nom for his role as the frugal family patriarch after replacing Kevin Spacey after, after he… Umm… Well, suffice to say Spacey’s “Whatever happened to…” will DEFINITELY have a much less rosy outcome than either Swank’s or Fraser’s recharged careers. Rent it now in SD for $4.99 or HD for $5.99.

5. The Martian

Wishing—like Kevin Spacey—you could skip Canada and move straight to Mars? But for totally different reasons? Then pay close attention to Matt Damon’s science-y solutions to Red Planet problems in this 2015 action-adventure, available now on FX. Rockets and potatoes and… Robots(?) Oh my.

6. Westworld 

Robots! For a slightly different take on the not too distant future, the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones insurance policy best new show since Game of Thrones is also available on demand. Season two kicks off April 22, so if you binge all ten episodes this weekend you can *probably* figure out everything just in time.

7. Killing Eve

If somehow you solve the mystery of Westworld and still have time to kill, then maybe lend your investigative skills to this brand new assassin thriller on BBCA. Sandra Oh returns to television in this psycho-meets-spy drama that’s giving major Rizzoli & Isles and Hannibal vibes in the best way possible.

Looking at your weekend TV lineup like… 

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