Watch Season 2 of ‘The Purge,’ Then Binge These Series

The premise of The Purge simple, yet meaty: In a dystopian America, all crime is legal one night a year for 12 hours. It’s a compelling horror conceit that has spawned four films (with a fifth scheduled for next year) along with a TV series, whose second season just premiered on USA Network. 

In fact, the new season opens with the casting session for the voice that lays out the rules of Purge Night over loudspeakers. It’s a great bit of dark humor and subtle world-building, which has been an interesting point of emphasis for a franchise that launched with a movie that took place in a single location over a single night. Part of what has made The Purge such a phenomenon is the fact that each movie has told an entirely different story around the same premise, so you can jump in at any point. The show is following a similar script, with its second season introducing a whole new cast of characters, along with a new angle.

Although the first episode takes place over the last two hours of Purge night, this season will be mostly set during the 364 days between The Purge. Once again, the series will follow an ensemble of characters whose lives will inevitibly intertwine. They include a man who discovers the attack at his house was far from random; a government employee who risks her career (and life, since crime is a capital offense outside of Purge night) to investigate the death of a loved one; and a young man slipping over the edge after he survives a Purge night ambush. 

New episodes of The Purge will air Tuesday nights on USA Network at 9ET/PT. You can also catch them On Demand, where Sling offers entire seasons of select shows to binge. Where you’re done binging The Purge, here are a few more of our favorites:

Ash Vs. Evil Dead

In another film-to-TV horror adaptation, Bruce Campbell reprises his role of wisecracking demon slayer Ash from the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness movies. Although his character is older and more worn down (physically and mentally), Campbell’s B-Movie bonafides are on full display in a show that expertly blends outrageous horror and humor.


The SyFy series Killjoys wrapped its fifth and final season last month, so it’s the perfect time to binge the full series centered on a trio of interstellar bounty hunters. The show has been praised for its fun, snarky characters and, like The Purge, its straight-ahead premise slowly gives way to deep and rich world-building.

The Alienist

Finally, if you enjoy thrillers with a high-concept hook, check out TNT’s limited series The Alienist. Based on Caleb Carr’s best-selling novel, the show is about a team of investigators tasked with tracking down a serial killer in 1896 New York. A fascinating mix of police procedural, period drama, and historical fiction (Teddy Roosevelt is a major character), The Alienist features outstanding performances from Daniel Brühl and Dakota Fanning. A follow-up based on the book’s sequel, The Angel of Darkness, is scheduled for next year.

Check out all of these series by browsing Sling’s On Demand library and tune into new episodes of The Purge every Tuesday at 9ET/PT on USA Network.