The Catch-Up: New episodes on-demand this week

Claws 1.3, ‘Quicksand’ (TNT)


Twin Peaks 3.8, ‘Part Eight’ (Showtime)


Fear the Walking Dead 3.5, ‘Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame’ (AMC)


Silicon Valley 4.10, ‘Server Error’ (SEASON FINALE — HBO)


Veep 6.10, ‘Groundbreaking’ (SEASON FINALE — HBO)


Preacher 1.1, ‘On the Road’ (SEASON PREMIERE — AMC)


Preacher 1.2, ‘Mumbai Sky Express’


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 6.15, ‘When All Else Fails’ (VH1)


Daytime Divas 1.4, ‘Shut It Down’ (VH1)


Pretty Little Liars 7.20, ‘’Til DeAth Do Us Part’ (SERIES FINALE — Freeform)


Wrecked 2.3, ‘Caiman’ (TBS)


Animal Kingdom 2.5, ‘Forgive Us Our Trespasses’ (TNT)


Genius 1.11, ‘Einstein: Chapter Eleven’ (SEASON FINALE — NatGeo)


The Real Housewives of NYC 9.13, ‘A Bronx Tale’ (Bravo)


The Mist 1.2, ‘Withdrawal’ (Spike)


Blood Drive 1.3, ‘Steel City Nightfall’ (SYFY)


Queen of the South 2.4, ‘El Beso de Judas (USA)


Nashville 5.16, ‘Not Ready to Make Nice’ (CMT)


Orphan Black 5.3, ‘Beneath Her Heart’ (BBC America)


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