The Catch-Up: New Episodes On-Demand This Week

Claws 1.10, ‘Avalanche’ (SEASON FINALE — TNT)

Preacher 2.9, ‘Puzzle Piece’ (AMC)

Game of Thrones 7.6, ‘Eastwatch’ (HBO)

Insecure 2.4, ‘Hella L.A.’ (HBO)

Ballers 3.4, ‘Ride and Die’ (HBO)

Power 4.8, ‘It’s Done’ (Starz)

Twin Peaks 3.14, ‘Part Fourteen’ (Showtime)

I’m Dying Up Here 1.10, ‘Creative Indifferences’ (SEASON FINALE — Showtime)

Loaded 1.5, ‘The Boat’ (AMC)

Midnight, Texas 1.4, ‘Sexy Beast’ (NBC)

The Strain 4.5, ‘Belly of the Beast’’ (FX)

Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood 4.4, ‘Got Swag?’ (VH1)

Shadowhunters 2.20, ‘Beside Still Water’ (SEASON FINALE — Freeform)

Animal Kingdom 2.11, ‘The Leopard’ (TNT)

The Bold Type 1.7, ‘Three Girls in a Tub’ (Freeform)

The Sinner 1.3, ‘Part III’ (USA)

Snowfall 1.7, ‘Cracking’ (FX)

Younger 4.8, ‘The Gelato and the Pube’ (TV Land)

Wrecked 2.9, ‘The Setup’ (TBS)

Suits 7.6, ‘Home to Roost’ (USA)

The Real Housewives of NYC 9.20, ‘Reunion Part 1’ (Bravo)

The Mist 1.9, ‘The Waking Dream’ (Spike)

The Jim Jeffries Show 1.10, ‘Episode 10’ (Comedy Central)

Blood Drive 1.10, ‘Scar Tissue’ (Syfy)

Queen of the South 2.11, ‘La Noche Oscura del Alma (USA)

Orphan Black 5.10, ‘To Right the Wrongs of Many’ (SERIES FINALE — BBC America)

Wynonna Earp 2.11, ‘Gone as a Girl Can Get’ (Syfy)