The Catch-Up: New Episodes On-Demand This Week

Claws 1.9, ‘Ambrosia’ (TNT)

Preacher 1.8, ‘Holes’ (AMC)

Game of Thrones 7.5, ‘The Spoils of War’ (HBO)

Insecure 2.3, ‘Hella Open’ (HBO)

Ballers 3.3, ‘In the Teeth’ (HBO)

Power 4.7, ‘You Lied to My Face’ (Starz)

Twin Peaks 3.13, ‘Part Thirteen’ (Showtime)

I’m Dying Up Here 1.9, ‘Lingchi’ (Showtime)

Loaded 1.4, ‘Watto’s Mum’ (AMC)

Midnight, Texas 1.3, ‘Lemuel, Unchained’ (NBC)

The Strain 4.4, ‘New Horizons’ (FX)

Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood 4.3, ‘New Bae’ (VH1)

Shadowhunters 2.19, ‘Hail and Farewell’ (Freeform)

Animal Kingdom 2.10, ‘Treasure’ (TNT)

The Bold Type 1.6, ‘The Breast Issue’ (Freeform)

The Sinner 1.2, ‘Part II’ (USA)

Snowfall 1.6, ‘A Long Time Coming’ (FX)

Younger 4.7, ‘Fever Pitch’ (TV Land)

Wrecked 2.8, ‘Speed’ (TBS)

Suits 7.5, ‘Brooklyn Housing’ (USA)

The Real Housewives of NYC 9.19, ‘Thank You and Good Night’ (Bravo)

The Mist 1.8, ‘The Law of Nature’ (Spike)

The President Show 1.14, ‘Charlamagne tha God’ (Comedy Central)

Blood Drive 1.9, ‘The Chopsocky Special’ (Syfy)

Queen of the South 2.10, ‘Que Manden los Payasos (USA)

Nashville 5.22, ‘Reasons to Quit’ (CMT)

Orphan Black 5.9, ‘One Fettered Slave’ (BBC America)

Wynonna Earp 2.10, ‘I See a Darkness’ (Syfy)


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