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Strictly For My Grinches: 19 Titles On Sling That Christmas Cranks Will Love

It happens to even the happiest of holiday-lovers: Christmas crankiness. Whether due to the cold weather, hosting family from out-of-town, or the general stress of shopping, at some point during the holiday season, you’re bound to have a day of grumpiness and gloom. And when that day comes, it’s ok to stay home, watch Sling, and get your grinch on.

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To help you sort through Sling’s massive catalog of Christmas content, we’ve put together a collection of Christmas classics for the calloused and cynical. If you’re in need of a laugh, we’ve got dark Christmas comedies like Bad Santa, The Ref and Scrooged available at different times this holiday season. If your in-laws are driving you nuts, give yourself the gift of a scary Christmas with rentals like Krampus, Slay Belles, or Black Christmas. Or if you want to debate the merits of what is and isn’t a Christmas movie with your opinionated Uncle, Gremlins, Batman Returns and Die Hard are certain to spark a conversation.

Throw in Christmas-adjacent classics like Citizen Kane and Trading Places and Sling has plenty of titles to tide you over until your funk fades away. Roku users can check out the “For Grinches Only” ribbon under the On Demand tab; everyone else can check out our selection of on-demand and upcoming titles below.

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
(airing on CMT 12/15, MTV 12/21 and 12/24)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (airing on Freeform 12/16 & 19)
Trading Places (airing on 12/17 IFC)
Bad Santa (look for it on MTV 12/20-24)
Die Hard (airing 12/21-22)
Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (animated, airing in select markets on NBC 12/25)
Batman Returns
Citizen Kane
Silent Night
Mixed Nuts
(available to rent)
The Ref (available to rent)
Krampus (available to rent)
Black Christmas (available to rent)
Stealing Christmas (available to rent)
Slay Belles (available to rent)
Christmas Blood (available to rent)