Sling Movie Rental of the Week: ‘Parasite’

Sling Movie Rental of the Week, Jan. 28-Feb 3: Parasite

If you’ve been keeping up with awards season at all this year, you know Parasite is receiving a ton of buzz. The film, which scored nominations for Best Picture and in five other categories at the Academy Awards, just pulled off a huge win at the SAG Awards where it took home the biggest award of the night, Ensemble Performance. Parasite is a cinematic triumph, and you can watch it right here on Sling starting this week.

Admittedly, my interest in Parasite was piqued because I thought it was a terrifying horror movie, a sentiment I’ve apparently shared with many others while discussing this film (have you seen the movie posters?). While there are specific aspects of the film that are truly terrifying, it was actually a surreal thriller sans supernatural entities, zombies, and exorcisms. And that’s what made it so scary.

Ki-woo and Ki-jeong are siblings in a struggling Korean family. When Ki-woo’s more elite, wealthier friend manages to score him a tutoring job with an upper-class family, he poses as a university student to play the part. Realizing how easy it was to con the family, Ki-woo soon brings in Ki-jeong as an art teacher, then their dad as a driver, and finally their mom as a maid. It’s crazy as it is impressive. Things don’t go as perfectly intended (why else would there be a movie?) and the rest of the film is just as wild as its start.

What sells the story here isn’t just a strong script but impeccable acting performances from the cast. You might have recognized Song Kang-ho (Mr. Kim) from Snowpiercer (another Bong Joon Ho classic), but the true stars of this film are Ki-woo and Ki-jeong, played by Choi Woo-shik and Park So-dam, respectively. They’re the true masterminds of their family’s quest to infiltrate Korea’s higher society. And their performances allow audiences to empathize with their characters, no matter how far their ambitions push them.

Parasite is just about a guaranteed lock for International Feature at the Oscars, but does it have the potential to take home Best Picture? It would be the first-ever foreign language film to do so, which, as we know with Hollywood’s everlasting diversity struggles, could be its biggest hindrance. So, just like director Bong Joon Ho said while accepting the Golden Globe for Foreign Language Film, “Once you overcome the 1-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” That includes Parasite

Parasite is now available to rent for a one-time purchase of $5.99.

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