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Sling Movie Rental of the Week: ‘Good Boys’

Sling Movie Rental of the Week, Nov. 12-Nov. 18, 2019: Good Boys

Sixth grade and a whole lot of F-bombs. 

If you were to summarize Good Boys in just a few words, those would do it. The film, starring Jacob Tremblay (Room) and Molly Gordon (Life of the Party), is a laugh-out-loud comedy on the trials and tribulations of navigating middle school in American suburbia.

Max (Tremblay), Lucas (Keith L. Williams), and Thor (Brady Noon) are three sixth graders that aren’t quite in the cool crowd at school. Yet Max scores an invite to a party where his crush will be in attendance. Wanting to work on his kissing skills beforehand, he and his friends fly his dad’s expensive drone to spy on his teenage neighbor Hannah (Gordon) and her boyfriend. Naturally, things don’t go according to plan, and they soon find the drone destroyed. The boys don’t leave empty-handed though: They steal Hannah’s bag on the way out.

What ensues is a cat-and-mouse game between the sixth graders and Hannah, who’s headed to a concert that evening and desperately wants the illicit drugs in her bag. The boys skip school to buy a new drone before Max’s dad returns from a business trip, while doing whatever it takes to make it to the party. It’s absolutely silly, but it’s also comically entertaining. 

Aside from the constant stream of F-bombs, it’s clear these 12-year-olds are really just kids. Their complete lack of knowledge about sex offers plenty of cringeworthy moments, like when they discover the parents’ sex doll and mistake it for a CPR dummy. I was blushing at times from the secondhand embarrassment I felt.

It’s no surprise that Jacob Tremblay — who previously starred in Room alongside Brie Larson and Wonder with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson — delivers an impressive performance. His two castmates, Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon, also do not disappoint. I’m so used to seeing 25-year-olds play high schoolers that it’s genuinely refreshing to see young actors who are actually the same age as their characters (Tremblay is 12 while Williams and Noon are 13).

Good Boys is doused in profanity and naivety, striking the perfect balance between the two. If you’re looking for some lighthearted albeit inappropriate laughs, you can’t go wrong with Good Boys.

Good Boys is available now for a one-time purchase of $5.99.

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