Shows to look forward to from San Diego Comic Con

Hey Slingers,

I have a confession to make. I went to my first Comic Con in San Diego this year. It took me nearly three decades but I finally did it. I really regret not going sooner. At first glance, I am certainly not qualified as an expert in the world of comics. At Sling, I work in sports programming. The art of the game really drives my passion every day. On my first day of the convention, I stopped by Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, and participated in a gaming event played on the scoreboard. I saw so many similarities between sports fans and people at Comic Con.

The passion and dedication I saw in San Diego though is unrivaled. I’ve seen some dedicated sports fans but never ones that would wait in line all day for one show or sit in a chair for countless hours waiting patiently for makeup artists to turn them into out of this world creatures. Comic Con was one of the most diverse places I’ve ever seen. Being there brought the kid out in me just like sports does and even though I wasn’t an expert, that was more than okay. I felt welcomed, appreciated and the fandom displayed at the convention center is inspiring. It makes you want to invest and pursue your passions with more fervor and dedication. Comic Con is one of the best experiences I’ve ever been to is because no matter if you look like Clark Kent, an alien, a monster or an inexperienced nerd like me, everyone is welcome.

These are just a sliver of the shows to look forward to that made an appearance at San Diego Comic Con 2018. In my limited sports mind, I have listed a sport you may enjoy that is descriptive of the show. Keep showing off your fandom and here is to a great fall full of great TV premiers!

Archer – FXX

It’d be hard to mention Comic Con without mentioning any cartoons. Archer is on it’s tenth and suspected final season. At San Diego Comic Con 2018 it was announced that this season will be called Archer: 1999. Getting to see Archer party like Prince or prepare for Y2K is appointment viewing television. If that wasn’t enough, this season we’ll get to see all of Archer’s glorious debauchery in space. Rampage! Crackers was at Comic Con too so don’t miss the panel here.

Most like Wrestling – Crazy, cartoonish, NSFW, undeniable fun.

 Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad,The Walking Dead – AMC

Possibly the biggest news going into San Diego Comic Con 2018 is that the cast of Breaking Bad would be getting back together for the tenth anniversary of the series premiere. Bill Burr hilariously moderated that panel and don’t miss it here. The cast of Better Call Saul made their debut at Comic Con just in time to preview season four which debuts August 6. To tie it together, The Walking Dead had one of the best activations across from the convention center. Lines wrapped around the corner to fall into a pit of walkers with real props from the show. Andrew Lincoln broke the news at the event that he would be leaving the show after nearly 10 year of his own. While it was a heroic feat to even make it into these panels, Comic Con was a reminder of the longevity of these great shows from AMC.

Better Call Saul is most like NCAA football – The prequel is just as good and unpredictable

The Good Place – NBC

This show may not be the first thing you associate with Comic Con. But it is the epitome of the convention. There are no super heroes but it’s still completely out of this world. Not just because it takes place in the afterlife, but because the writing is simply some of the best on television. Michael Schur (The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99) and team have created twists that don’t feel like artificial ways just to keep you guessing. These smart turns take you to a place where you don’t expect where you are questioning your own morality and existence. All while somehow having the most fun and laughs on television.

Most like dog competitions – Best in show. Certainly in comedy.

Krypton – SYFY

You might have to wait a little bit on this one, as season one ended in May, but it has already been renewed for season two to premiere some time in 2019. It is well worth the wait. Superman and his family’s origin story fits right in at Comic Con. But lead Cameron Cuffe and executive producer Cameron Welsh said it was an honor getting the chance to tell the story of Superman’s grandfather Seg-El. When the team tasked on telling this story is that big a fans and takes this responsibility seriously, you know this is an important addition to the Superman universe.

Most like NFL – Rich tradition with a youthful enthusiastic cast

Mayans – FX

When I tell people that I ride, no one ever believes me. To be fair, I look like a substitute school teacher who gets picked on by middle schoolers. I’ve always wanted to look even half as cool as SAMCRO or the Mayans. There has been much talk about the diversity of this show and living up to the prestige of the original, but this show stands on its own. These are different stories and they deserve to be told. This show might have been the most present at Comic Con. It was kind of hard to miss with a giant billboard taking over the Hilton hotel near the convention center. Similarly, this is a can’t miss and is expected to debut on FX on September 4.

Most like the NBA – The coolest cast in the game

Nightflyers – SYFY

Whenever George R.R. Martin’s name is attached to something, automatically that project will have lofty expectations. That is no exception here for this television series based on the same name expected to debut this fall. Those lofty expectations come from even Martin himself describing the casting has righted a 30-year wrong. Particularly the casting of Jodie Turner-Smith as Melantha. Turner-Smith can take over any room she’s in with her indelible personality and it translates to the screen. While the show doesn’t have Martin’s direct involvement because of his contract with HBO, that doesn’t detract from this odyssey.

Described as ‘Psycho’ in space, this cast is excellent at balancing the sci-fi and horror genres. The actors and script writer Jeff Buhler aren’t confined to a weighty expectation. They’ve all been able to bring their own spin to this dystopian journey into space that isn’t too far away. The end product shows you how much they all reveled in the fact that they could make this their own and really delve into the vast worlds of Martin.

Most like MLB – It’s like a chess match. But in this case in space.

The Purge (TV Series) – USA

If the thought of any crime being legal for a night has terrified you enough through three Purge films, first of all congratulations. You’re much braver than I am. Secondly, this show is perfect for you. Creator James DeMonaco and producers have so much more to explore. Instead of seeing each character for 15 minutes in a movie, here we get the opportunity to dive deeper in the psyche of someone who finds no other options but to delve deep into a life of crime.

Director Anthony Hemingway brings his experience working on very real American crime story with The People vs. O.J. Simpson. Hemingway has a way of grounding this hypothetical night of crime and making it feel like the idea isn’t too far from becoming reality. Thrilling indeed. Besides, they had the best pop up shop at Comic Con. What would you do on purge night?

Most like UFC – If utter chaos was allowed for a short period of time.

Wynonna Earp – SYFY

The most impressive fans I was fortunate enough to see at Comic Con were the fans of Wynonna Earp. The passion and dedication of Earpers could rival any show on television. I spent most of the day in press rooms asking about upcoming seasons of shows in the hotel across the street from the San Diego Convention center. I left 30 minutes before the panel started thinking I had plenty of time. There are seemingly more convention halls in San Diego than people dressed up for Comic Con. Combined with finding the right room and waiting for crosswalk traffic of dozens of Deadpools and Dumbeldores, I was five minutes late.

The first episode of the third season had already aired but the big announcement in the opening trailer was that season 4 had already been renewed. People had been waiting in line for this panel since six that morning. The chatter about season four didn’t die down long after I got there. There was a real connection between the cast and this audience. One woman thanked Melanie Scrofano, who plays Wyonna Earp, for her courageousness and example for filming the show the entire time she was pregnant. The mutual dedication of these fans and the cast are unparalleled which alone is worth experiencing this show. Oh, and monsters in the wild west. That too.

Most like NHL – does this show take place in Canada or the USA?