‘Krypton’ Cast Could Be the Biggest Fans at Comic Con

Cameron Welsh has several origami cranes flowing down his right forearm. The tattoos to Welsh represent his family. If you fold a thousand of these birds, it’s meant to bring you good fortune and good health. For the executive producer of SyFy’s Krypton, that sense of family has spread to the actor’s portraying this DC comics origin story.

“Everybody that is here the cast, we shoot in Belfast and we are in our own little bubble over there. It’s all brought us so close together. With Cam Cuffe he is so invested in the show. Everybody is. It’s just brought us all together and we are a very tight group,” Welsh said.

The passion these actor’s exhibit for the content of the story of Superman’s grandfather Seg-El is second to none. If these actors weren’t acting in the show they would be right amongst the fans standing in line at San Diego Comic Con for hours trying to get the exclusive scoop on their favorite heroes.

No one shows that more than Krypton’s lead, Cameron Cuffe. He started doing indie films and costume dramas in London before he landed this lead role, something he’d never imagine realizing this childhood dream.

“Truthfully this is beyond my wildest dreams. I was content just being a fan. Because this is just so huge and beyond anything I imagined at this point in my career. To be here doing it is amazing,” Cuffe said.

“This is modern mythology. Working in the DC universe is one of the greatest, if not the greatest pieces of modern mythology in the world right now. To be able to put my own mark on it is an honor.”

Sure the actors are there to relay lines and look super human, but the care and respect for the franchise the actors is what makes this material cut through all of the other takes on a historic franchise. The cast’s genuine fandom provides the set of Krypton with the opportunity of collaboration.

“[Cameron Cuffe] has grown so much but he started from a place where he was so prepared,” Welsh said. “He was already a leader on the show. He has just taken it and run with it. He is just so passionate about the show. He is passionate about comic book mythology in general but specifically Superman. He has an encyclopedic knowledge. He is such a great resource. He’s a partner in this show. It’s not like he is rocking up to set ready to say some lines. He’s really involved.”

This enthralling enthusiasm does not stop at the lead. Ann Ogbomo plays Jayna-Zod who a casual fan to the DC Universe might not know. In this series the only thing that excites her more than the plight of her character, is the unique perspective she can bring to this character to make it her own.

“It’s really exciting to bring my own spin to Jayna,” Ogbomo said. “I think that no choice is an easy choice. So while on the outside you’ll see that she’s made a certain decision, actually on the inside she might be battling with different responsibilities.”

“There is the responsibility of a mother but then the responsibility of protecting the city of Candor. The fact that her daughter is part of the military guild confuses that, it makes that responsibility even more challenging. Because she has to consider both her personal and public life in one situation.”

Then there Shaun Sipos. He plays a character with a very different perspective than Ogbomo. His character is Adam Strange. Physically and metaphorically incredibly big shoes to fill. So how would you get to know your character if you were to play them in a massive franchise? Take Sipos’ strategy and just have a dialogue with you character.

“I’m trying to do him justice. I think we’re both doing therapy. Both him and I. I think we are both figuring out each other’s inner workings and we’re growing together. And it’s a wonderful thing to do. I like the way he sees the world. There are certain things he is stronger than me at. And there are things that I am stronger than him at,” Sipos said.

“I think I may be a little more optimistic than him. A little more positive. Where he has a tendency to get bogged down and I’m infusing that positivity in him. And I think he is a little more ballsy than I am. There is this dialogue that goes on in a sense which makes me sound like a lunatic but there is a certain dialogue that I go through when I’m working through his stuff.”

“Sometimes I go oh man, this is going to be terrible. And then I go ‘this is where Adam is right now’ and that’s a cool thing to see.”

Sipos and Strange are growing from each other.

Welsh used the same word as Cuffe (honor) to describe working on this show. But of course great power comes great responsibility in these worlds. Krypton is no exception for Welsh.

“It’s thrilling but I also feel a sense of responsibility. It’s daunting because it’s such a beloved character and you don’t want to get it wrong. At the same time anything we do isn’t going to erase anything that has come before. If our story takes a different direction from the more common mythology, the two can coexist and that’s when I start to relax.”

These people truly care. When the creators and actors of a show are geeking out and are just as knowledgeable about this content as the fans at Comic Con, there is no need to worry. This show is in great hands.