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Krypton S1 on Syfy

‘Krypton’ Star Cameron Cuffe Talks Taking on The Start of Superman’s Legacy

Before Syfy’s newest drama Krypton hit the small screens, little was explored in mainstream media about Superman’s family other than his parent’s death (insert meme here) and what led to the decimation of his home planet.

Stepping into the world of DC Comics is a big feat on its own, but stepping into the world of Superman and taking on the task of telling the story of how and why Krypton was destroyed — and, ultimately, how his biggest weakness Kryptonite was created — is colossal, something Cameron Cuffe, who plays Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El, was well aware of when signing on for the role.

cameron cuffe

What’s it like stepping into the beloved world of Superman?

An honour and a privilege.  I feel so lucky to be a part of such an iconic story.  Superman means so much to millions all over the world, myself included, so to be doing this is beyond anything I could have imagined.

Talk about who Seg-El is to Superman, and why it’s important to tell his story.

Seg-El is the eventual grandfather to Kal-El aka Superman.  So much of the symbol of the House of El, the “S” symbol known to billions across the multiverse, is embodied in Seg’s journey.  From centuries past the House of El has always had a proud legacy of revolution and discovery, and in the future a son of House El will be the greatest hero of all time.   Seg has to be the bridge between a great past, and a greater future.  He becomes aware of both the legacy and future of the House of El and though he feels like he isn’t the right guy for the job… he may be the only person capable of saving both.

What was the biggest challenge of taking on this role?

It’s the biggest job I’ve ever had.  I’m playing in a world that holds great significance both to pop culture and to millions of people world wide.  I knew I had to get it right.  I love Superman, I would never let myself give anything less than 110% because he wouldn’t either.  Setting that bench mark makes for a really challenging experience but an immensely rewarding one too.

Seg-El gets a visit from Adam Strange, another superhero from the DC world. Are there other DC comic book heroes we might see in the future?

While we have a very focused story this season, the show was developed as a kind of gateway into the cosmic side of the DC Universe. There are already characters from the DC Universe who will appear on Krypton this season but down the line, there are so many we’d love to explore.

What drew you to this project? Why did you want to be a part of it?

“Krypton” is a show that pays tribute to 80 years of Superman storytelling whilst still forging a new path.  I saw a chance to tell a story that was different, thrilling and ambitious in a fantastical universe that I’ve always loved, how could I say no?

Catch up on the first season of Krypton on-demand before the finale airs May 23 at 10pm ET on Syfy.