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‘Colony’ Star Sarah Wayne Callies Sheds Light on Third Season

Season three of USA’s hit dystopian drama Colony is well underway, but fans still have so many burning questions that need answering (like what’s MacGregor about to do and will Broussard be able to stop it?!). Luckily, star Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking DeadPrison Break) shared a few insights with Sling about the Bowmans and what fans can expect from the third season.

Episode five, “End of the Road,” airs tonight at 10pm ET on USA.


Talk about what’s next for the Bowmans, particularly now that they’ll be together in season three.

[Callies:] Well, they start together… but things never stay the same for long with these guys. On the one hand, there’s a lot of hope mid-season as they make a major transition, and on the other hand there is great heartbreak – the kind that Katie and Will actually might not be able to handle. What’s amazing to me is watching the actors who play our children grow up as people and as artists. Working with them every season is a new journey, and I feel so lucky to be on it with them.

As they make it to the Northwestern quadrant, talk about some of the new challenges they’ll face this season, including run-ins with the head of the rebuilt Seattle colony.

Seattle feels like the world before the arrival, at least at first. That’s seductive, and a lot of people in the new colony seem thrilled to just get their phones and their cars back and not ask questions. Katie and Will aren’t those kinds of people though, and what’s beneath the surface isn’t what it seems. Whether it’s nefarious or wholesome, I honestly can’t say – and I love that the show doesn’t take a position. It just presents, for instance, the situation of aggregate data (like this whole Cambridge Analytica thing) and what people voluntarily hand over about themselves, and then explores what can be done with that kind of data.

What can you say about the RAPs’ enemies?

That the enemy of my enemy may not be my friend. We learn a good deal about the RAPs this season and less about the other ones… but it’s beginning to feel like humans aren’t really on anyone’s radar. We’re just collateral damage, which in some cases is even scarier.

How would you say season three differs from the first two seasons?

Every season this show dives deeper and gets more complex. Season three feels so different up in the woods and out of LA, and the toll of the first two seasons is showing on our gang. We’re almost unrecognizable from the people we were – but that’s good storytelling. You change, you grow, you lose things, and you gain things. That kind of plasticity of identity feels very honest to me. I’m so proud of this season, and, of course, I got to direct this season for the first time, so I’m particularly grateful for that chance. It was an amazing experience.

‘Colony’ airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on USA. Catch up now with on-demand.