Celebrate Halloween by watching 12 of the best classic horror films on Sling TV!

12 Classic Horror Films to Watch This Halloween

We’ve all heard of these classic horror films but how many of us have actually watched them? This year is the year to take in some of the films that paved the way for other horror classics like The Excorcist, Halloween and every monster movie hereafter.


1. Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)

Remnants of a mysterious animal have come to light in a remote jungle, and a group of scientists intend to determine if the find is an anomaly or evidence of an undiscovered beast. To accomplish their goal, the scientists must brave the most perilous pieces of land South American has to offer, but the terrain is nothing compared to the danger posed by an otherworldly being endangering their work and their lives. Starring Antonio Moreno, Richard Carlson, Richard Denning, Whit Bissell). Available on Starz on-demand.

2. Dracula (1931)

The dashing and mysterious Count Dracula travel to London with Renfield, a British soldier he hypnotized to be his mindless slave, to take up residence in an old castle. Soon, Dracula beings to wreak havoc, sucking the blood of young women and turning them into vampires. When he sets his sights on Mina, the daughter of a prominent doctor, Van Helsing, a vampire-hunter, is enlisted to put a stop to the count’s never-ending blood lust. Starring Bela Lugosi, Dwight Frye, Helen Chandler and Edward Van Sloan. Available for rent.

3. The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

The mad scientist Victor Frankenstein attempts to reanimate a dead body but unleashes a bloodthirsty monster instead. Starring Peter Cushing, Robert Urquhart and Christopher Lee. Available on TCM on-demand.

4. It Came From Outerspace (1953)

Based on a story by acclaimed writer Ray Bradbury, It Came From Outerspace follows an amateur astronomer John Putnam and his fiancee Ellen Fields are stargazing in the desert when a spaceship bursts from the sky and crashes to the ground. Before a landslide buries the ship, a mysterious creature emerges and disappears into the darkness. Of course, when he tells his story to the sheriff, John is branded a crackpot, but before long, strange things begin to happen and the tide of disbelief turns. Starring Richard Carlson, Barbara Rush and Charles Drake. Available for rent.


5. The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

After recovering from injuries sustained in the mob attack, Dr. Frankenstein falls under the conrol of his former mentor Dr. Pretorius, who insists the now-chastened doctor resume his experiements in creating new life. Meanwhile, the Monsters remains on the run. Starring Colin Clive, Ernest Thesiger, Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester. Available for rent.

6. The Curse of The Cat People (1944)

The father of a six-year-old girl with a vivid imagination and an inability to get along with other children fears that she may be exhibiting tendencies of his late wife, who believed she was a catwoman. Starring Simone Simon, Kent Smith Jane Randolph and Ann Carter. Available on TCM on-demand.

7. Werewolf in London (1935)

A British botanist is cursed with the mark of the wolf after being bitten by a creature in the mountains of Tibet. Starring Henry Hull, Valerie Hobson, Lester Matthews and Spring Byington. Available for rent.


8. The Mummy (1932)

A team of British archaeologists led by Sir Joseph Whemple discover the mummified remains of the ancient Egyptian prince Imhotep along with the legendary scroll of Thoth. When one of the archaeologists recite the scroll aloud, Imhotep returns to life and searches for his long lost love. Starring Arthur Byron, Boris Karloff and Zita Johann. Available for rent.

9. The Invisible Man (1933) 

While researching a new drug, Dr. Jack Griffin stumbles on a potion that can make him invisible. When he reveals his new ability to his old mentor and his fiancee, they soon discover a side effect of the potion is insanity when Dr. Griffin goes on a violent rampage, leaving those that care for him most to devise a plan to stop him. Starring Claude Rains, Henry Travers and Gloria Stuart. Available for rent.

10. Phantom of The Opera (1943)

An acid-scarred composer rises from the sewers in Paris to boost his favorite opera understudy’s career. Starring Claude Rains and Susanna Foster. Available on Starz on-demand.

11. The Wolf Man (1941)

When his brother dies, Larry Talbot returns to Wales and reconciles with his father. While there, he visits an antique shop and buys a silver walking cane with the hopes of impressing the shopkeeper, Gwen. That same night he kills a wolf with his new cane but later discovers he killed a man, cursing Larry to become a werewolf. Starring Lon Chaney Jr., Claude Rains, Evelyn Ankers, Bela Lugosi and Maria Ouspenskaya. Available for rent.

12. The Blob (1958)

A slimy creature reeks havoc on a small town. Starring Steve McQueen, Aneta Corseaut, Earl Rowe, and Olin Howlin. Available on HDNet on-demand.