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‘Bad Boys’ Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Are Back (and on Sling)

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return to the big screen this weekend in Bad Boys for Life. It’s the third (and final?) installment in the trilogy that launched Smith to superstardom. Twenty-five years after their first caper, Miami’s favorite crimefighters are once again trying to take down a drug cartel, this time with the help…

Binge Season 1 of ‘Project Blue Book’ On Sling Before Season 2 Premieres Jan. 21

Dr. J. Allen Hynek was searching for answers and sifting through conspiracies long before Mulder and Scully coined the phrase “the truth is out there.” In 1952, the real-life professor was recruited by the government to investigate unexplained phenomena for what would eventually be known as “Project Blue Book.” While the official record may have…