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The ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Performances We’re Playing on Loop

There’s a special corner of the televised universe that’s quickly becoming one of my favorite places to lurk.   Doing exactly as it says on the tin, each Lip Sync Battle episode pits two celebrities (of, admittedly, varying levels of fame) against each other.  For their first act, each lip syncs a song by themselves on stage.  In the second act, each gives a fully choreographed performance, complete with backup dancers, surprisingly elaborate sets, and – best of all – crazy costumes

In the end, only one of the two is awarded the ridiculous looking championship belt.  But (and please, no groaning for this part) the true winners are the show’s audience.  Not only do we get to soak in both the hosting skills of LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen’s colorful commentary, but we also have the extreme pleasure of seeing celebs let loose and act a little silly.  Read on for the scoop on the cream of this crazy crop.

Alicia Silverstone, ‘Fancy’

There is only one correct reaction to seeing Alicia Silverstone reprise the costume from the role of Cher in ‘Clueless‘ (the movie that, according to 12-year-old me and also current me, is objectively the greatest movie ever made).  It starts as a sort of barely perceptible squeal, but quickly devolves into a nostalgia-fueled flow of extremely embarrassing, mildly snotty, quarter-sized teardrops.

Offering her own riff on Iggy Azalea’s music video riff on everyone’s favorite modern Emma, Alicia’s throwback magic is well worth reliving on repeat.

Derek Hough, ‘From this Moment On’

There are likely few things in this world that can out-ridiculous Derek Hough gyrating and shaking out his rubber legs to ‘Any Man of Mine’, Chrissy Teigen decked out in a top hat (a la the ‘Man I Feel Like a Woman’ video), and Nicole Scherzinger licking a t-shirt with Derek Hough’s face (that she had just rubbed in her armpit.  Seriously.)

But even Nicole’s completely wild choreography (featuring a fake cow-milking that left LL cool J unable to speak) couldn’t steal the thunder of Derek guiding Shania Twain herself through a staged proposal and marriage, complete with two mildly bewildered-looking children, all while mouthing the songstress’ own lyrics back to her.  Even the slow dance-averse middle schooler in me couldn’t look away for one. single. moment.

Ramona Singer, ‘Milkshake’

Say what you will about Ramona Singer.  The Real Housewives of New York star is, if nothing else, consistent.  From the moment she reaffirmed that her co-star, the (former) countess Luann had lost her title to every time she hit on a visibly uncomfortable LL Cool J, I thought there was little more I could ask for.  So too, it seemed, was Chrissy Teigen who, like any Housewives fan worth her salt, was in giddy fangirl mode for the entire episode.

True to form, Ramona’s version of Lip Sync Battle-ing largely involves a series of on-stage spasms.   And in the end, isn’t that just what the carefree  Lip Sync Battle spirit is all about?

New episodes of Lip Sync Battle air at 10:30pm ET Thursdays on Paramount Network