Reality Roundup: That Moment When…

Despite its name, reality television often requires a degree of suspended belief, and even when that degree turns into multiple degrees, I find myself getting caught up in the moment. Without fail, such moments are always miles away from precious and that’s what makes them truly great.

That Moment When… a Bra Becomes an Earplug-Smuggling Device

Project Runway wouldn’t be Project Runway without its steady “spon con” action (the JCPenney accessory wall! The Mary Kay makeup studio!). Last week, it was Lexus’ time to shine. Shoving a bunch of seatbelts, floaties, and construction vests tangled with safety tape into the back of three SUVs, Tim Gunn and his vaguely look-alike Lexus counterpart (ok, they looked nothing alike, but they both were wearing glasses and super fancy suits) made the contestants run for their dress parts in last week’s unconventional material challenge.

The running-challenged Kenya beat the system by getting a little, ahem, creative in how she transported the many earplugs that made it onto her design table (but not, it seems, onto her “drama”-bringing seatbelt dress).  And while it wasn’t quite enough to secure her the win, nobody else had a chance against Ayana’s larger-than-life fire dress.

New episodes of Project Runway air 9pm ET Thursday on Lifetime and are available the next day on-demand.

That Moment When…Strategy Beats Love (But like, Barely)

Last week, the cast of Are You the One?, in an unquestionably earnest attempt to truly get to know one another on a deeper level, threw a drunken lingerie party. To the surprise of no one (except for, possibly, the cast themselves) it did not end well.

Then, Nicole and Dimitri went to the show’s infamous ‘Truth Booth’ mere hours after he, at said lingerie party, declared his intention to make sweet, sweet love to every female in the house. To the surprise of no one (except for, almost certainly, the cast themselves) they were not a “perfect match.”

Noticing a pattern here?  Shockingly, so did the cast.

And so, in an extremely rare display of self-awareness, the women of the house chose not to follow their hearts (or any other part) in guessing the identity of their respective perfect matches, each opting instead for the guy she thought seemed like someone with whom she could have been scientifically matched (even if, in the case of the hapless Audrey, that meant aligning herself with someone who voluntarily goes by the name of “Shad.”)  Topping their prior performance by correctly pairing three couples, the house proved that, by refusing to believe in themselves, they could overcome all (well, some) obstacles.

New episodes of Are You the One? air 10pm ET Wednesday on MTV and are available the next day on-demand.

That Moment When…Your Sink is in Your Living Room

There’s always something to say about a tiny house bathroom: Sometimes they’re disproportionately large with claw foot tubs and comically huge showers and sometimes they’re a shower/toilet combo with a sink right around the corner, greeting guests as they come in the front door.

Jeff’s Asheville-based Tiny House Hunting search kicked off with the latter. True to form, his search also ended on a weird bathroom theme (only this time, it was the central vacuum hose that emerged from the wall next to the toilet of a working gristmill/tiny home). But, after an “agonizing” decision, the home he picked (which, as Jeff will be quick to tell you, has bathrooms on BOTH floors) was the perfect place for the charming yet vagrant-vibey musicians that randomly showed up at the end of the episode to perform.

New episodes of Tiny House Hunting air 9pm ET Saturday on fyi and are available the next day on-demand.

That Moment When…There’s Room on the Damn Door

90’s House turned myth busters last week with a challenge that answered the question that has been dangling for decades: should Titanic’s Rose have let go?

Inexplicably clad in Titanic-appropriate garb, their 90’s House hairstyle and life vests, the cast entered an iceberg-littered pool in pairs. One by one, they boarded the floating door on which Rose promised Jack she would never let go before then promptly letting go, only this time they were challenged to stay on the door together because, as house villain Sha-Monique so aptly put it, “Rose is a heifer and she let my boy Jack drown.”

Proving beyond a doubt that Rose’s post-disaster flotation device was big enough for two, the cast had me questioning everything I knew about the iconic 90’s movie. Still, nothing was so unsettling as the 90’s-inspired movie poster photo shoots that followed the Titanic challenge. Or, the screaming fight after that.

I still haven’t decided which part was more enthralling – guess I’ll just have to keep tuning in until I can make up my mind.

New episodes of 90’s House air 8pm ET Friday on MTV2 and are available the next day on-demand.

That Moment When…The Person Who Dresses Up in Non-Uniform Things is in the Spotlight

Offering a welcome interruption to the woman who Sandra Bullock played in The Blind Side talking about the time that Sandra Bullock played her in The Blind Side, and sporting a pair of light-up sneakers that I’m pretty sure we all need in our lives, Jen offered a light-spirited “team mascot” dance. True, yachties (not even the Below Deck kind) aren’t really the mascot type, and yes, her moment in the sun was soon forgotten amidst her frustration with super-head-stew Kate. But for one brief moment, she totally rocked that weird, homemade-looking hat that completely covered her eyes– and really, there’s nothing else that matters.

New episodes of Below Deck air 9pm ET Tuesday on Bravo and are available the next day on-demand.