Puke TV: 8 Gross Shows on Sling Right Now

It is common fact that we are now fully immersed in the glory known as “Peak TV.” The explosion of quality, prestige programming is enough to make even those “I don’t watch TV” people question their lives and values—as they should. However, on the flip-side of this peak TV phenomenon, the burgeoning renaissance of cringe, I-can’t-watch-but-I-must, gross-out TV cannot go unnoticed. Slingers, we proudly (?) present to you the best of what we would like to call “puke TV.”

Dry Heave Vomit GIF - DryHeave Vomit Sick GIFs

Dr. Pimple Popper

Arguably the queen of the genre, dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, better known as “Dr. Pimple Popper,” went viral with her procedural videos on social media. Dr. Lee’s life-changing and life-saving work is a bona fide hit with viewers and has quietly become a top series (the second season finale was the highest rated cable show on March 7). Bonus points for terribly punny episode names like “Every Rosacea Has Its Thorn,” “Scared Cyst-Less” and last year’s holiday special: “The 12 Pops of Christmas” (TLC, past seasons available on demand)

The Toe Bro

Foot specialist Jonathan Tomines, aka “The Toe Bro,” has helped over 5,000 patients conquer the terror hiding in their shoes and—wait for it—get back on their feet. We’re talking fungus, ingrown toenails, growths and even “strange embedded objects,” as listed on A&E’s website. If you’re like me and couldn’t stomach those PedEgg commercials back in the day where people scraped dead skin and calluses off their feet with the help of an As Seen on TV product, this probably isn’t the show for you. (A&E, season finale Tuesday, 4/9 at 10pm ET)


The recently concluded tenth (!) season of Hoarders attempts to clean up the lives of people suffering from compulsive hoarding. Somewhere Marie Kondo is weeping gently into a pristine silk handkerchief. (A&E, past seasons available on demand)


Part Extreme Makeover, part Fixer Upper, part Nip/Tuck, plastic surgery stars Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow are on a mission to repair procedures gone awry. Anyone who has ever stumbled upon a 6-hour marathon of this show knows once you’re in, there’s no going back. The doctors inject as much humor as they do silicone and fillers, also evidenced by episode titles rivaling Dr. Pimple Popper’s, including “Knockers on Heaven’s Door,” “Lumpy Lipo and Slippy Nippy,” “Short Changed at the Nipple Bank,” “Went to Mexico and Got Terrible Rhonorrhea,” and one simply entitled “Man Boobs.” (E!, past seasons available on demand)

Deeper Cuts

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Fear Factor

Ludacris hosts this reboot of the early 2000’s sensation showcasing contestants performing extreme stunts and, let’s face it, eating bull testicles more often than not. (MTV, select episodes on demand)

My Strange Addiction

Sure, we all have an odd quirk or habit, but these folks take it to an extreme and, you guessed it, strange—quite the understatement—place. Where do you rank on the scale of “I lick my cat’s hair and eat its fur” to “Potato chips are nice but I much prefer noshing on urine-soaked diapers?” (TLC, past seasons available on demand)

Extreme Cheapskates

Who doesn’t want to save a few bucks here and there? These cheapskates take frugality to the next level, often involving dumpster-diving, roadkill and the worst bathroom situations imaginable. (TLC, past seasons available on demand)

Billy the Exterminator

Amusing ride along with a family-Louisiana pest-control company that combats serious infestations and dangerous animals on the loose with humor, skill and heavy-duty chemicals. (A&E, past seasons available on demand)