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Lifetime Launches ‘Love at First Flight’

Here’s the thing about reality dating shows: More often than not, the “date” part of the dating is not necessarily the part you want to watch. I routinely fast-forward through The Bachelor’s one-on-ones in favor of juicier pastures, like grown women accusing each other of “glam shaming” or grown men taking part in group sing-a-longs….


Top Six Standouts of ‘Bridezillas’ Revival

In this reboot-riddled television culture, there’s one revival I just didn’t see coming. I saw precisely zero episodes of Bridezillas during its initial ten-year run on Wetv — I don’t really consider myself a “wedding reality show” type of gal — and I couldn’t understand how its premise of following various women in the lead…

The Gifts Only ‘Teen Mom OG’ Can Give

Seven seasons in, the moms are no longer teens, but Teen Mom OG is as strong as ever. Monday’s episode is a steadfast reminder that each new season of the show comes with even more delightfully disastrous reasons to watch. Debra drops another passive-aggressive dig at her daughter Debra Danielsen may be many things –…

bachelor winter games

5 Times ‘The Bachelor Winter Games’ Producers Got The Gold

Sure, you could be spending your television time watching the world’s top athletes do the things they do best. Alternatively, you could watch a dude who’s only seen snow twice in his life try and fail to cross-country ski. I know which one I’d chose. The Bachelor Winter Games brings together former Bachelor-franchise rejects from…

meet the peetes

Hallmark Channel Dives into Reality TV with ‘Meet The Peetes’

When the Heart of TV does a reality show, I think it’s fair to expect something deeper than than the garden-variety. The Hallmark Channel’s new series, Meet the Peetes may be just that. Meet the Peetes revolves around former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete and actress, author and philanthropist Holly Robinson Peete, and their family’s daily happenings….

summer house

The Six REAL Rules of ‘Summer House’

If you were to ask any of the Summer House crew about the rules of Summer House, they’d predictably tell you something along the lines of “no relationships in the house.” This is, incidentally, also the most frequently broken rules among the housemates. Now that we’re three episodes deep in the show’s second season, patterns…