eddie money

Reality Show ‘Real Money’ is A Slice of Eddie Money Paradise

Everything old is new again. Roseanne is back! Jersey Shore is back! And, until MTV and the Osbournes can come to financial terms for their return, Eddie Money is back, and he brought his own barely-functional family! C’mon, you know, Eddie Money! From the ‘70s and ‘80s? “Two Tickets to Paradise”? “Take Me Home Tonight”?…

jersey shore family vacation

10 Times ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Got Real

“Take Snooki, put her in Miami, still gonna be a Snooki,” observed a keenly insightful Vinny. And, he’s right for the most part. Jersey Shore Family Vacation reunites the original  Jersey Shore cast (minus Sammi and, obviously, Angelina).  But it’s not all fist-pumps at Karma. In between the Shore and Family Vacation, life has happened. From the benign…

Lifetime Launches ‘Love at First Flight’

Here’s the thing about reality dating shows: More often than not, the “date” part of the dating is not necessarily the part you want to watch. I routinely fast-forward through The Bachelor’s one-on-ones in favor of juicier pastures, like grown women accusing each other of “glam shaming” or grown men taking part in group sing-a-longs….