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‘Mexican Dynasties’ Mixes it Up on Bravo

“Americans,” as the Mexcian Dynasties cast will quickly tell you, “don’t know sh** about Mexicans.” But to the extent that assessment is true, that’s all about to change – at least with respect to a very specific, very insane, and epically quirky segment of the population.

On the surface, the Allende, Bessudo and Madrazo families seem to have very little in common – aside, of course, from (1) being rich and (2) living in Mexico City. But with what we’ve seen of them so far, it’s clear that they also share one extremely important characteristic: they make for excellent reality TV. And while I think they’d shine wherever they landed, there are a few unique features of the Mexican Dynasties approach to storytelling that really makes them pop.

The Show Truly Focuses on Family – Men, Women, Children…

Where to start? Is it the uncomfortably strong Donny-and-Marie vibe radiating off of siblings Paulina and Oscar? The not-even-a-little veiled sibling rivalry between Adan and Elan, framed by the just-as-palpable disgust underlying every exchange between Adan and Elan’s wife Jenny? Or the dramatic flair of patriarch Fernando Allende, a Mexican music monarch in his own right?

And with this cast, as much as the petty infighting keeps the plot moving, it’s not always fun and frivolity. Oscar, the first openly gay father of surrogate children in Mexico, has clearly faced obstacles that neither his wealth nor notoriety could quite conquer. Raquel, star of the Mexican equivalent of Fashion Police, uses a snippy exterior in the face of the recent death of her husband. And, most importantly, the friendships (and not-so-friendly interactions) between the families clearly predates the filming of the show, leaving little need for production to manufacture drama. The cast has that part handled all on their own.

…And the Occasional Dead Parrot

Admittedly, the dead parrot storyline had a bit of a Sonja Morgan-type ring to it (RIP Millou). But Paulina really made it her own when she revealed she had stored the dearly departed bird in her freezer for two weeks. Building in everyone’s reaction – her brother, the kids, and even the poor maid who had to find food in the freezer – gives life (to soon?) to even the silliest of side plots.

MEXICAN DYNASTIES — Pictured: (l-r) Paulina Madrazo, Raquel Bessudo, Oscar Madrazo — (Photo by: Rene Zorilla/Bravo)

We Get to Hear from the Staff Behind All This Craziness

From the second the Mexican Dynasties cameras turned to the household staff, it was obvious they were onto something. When I think about the number of times I’ve been dying to watch Rosia (who has had to film countless scenes with Lisa Vanderpump) speak her truth, or begged to the Bravo gods for more screen time for Rosie, well…it’s been a lot. But now, I may have Mexican dynasties to give me my fix. From their hot takes on Adan’s milk addiction to their general reflections on the crazy around them, it’s clear that the maids, security detail and similar personnel of Mexican Dynasties are the true heroes of this show.

And Also. Adan.

I honestly never saw myself falling for the manchild type. In real life, I’m not sure I could manage being in the company of the (admittedly) good looking, attention-seeking, coddled twenty-something that is Adan. “I’m not going to sleep in my parents’ bed. I only go in their room in the morning for cuddles,” he remarked straight to the camera, without a touch of the vast amounts of self consciousness and shame he should have had.

This unapologetic portrayal isn’t unique to Adan; it’s embraced by the cast. And ultimately, the “real”ness of this reality show makes it one worth watching.

Mexican Dynasties airs 10pm Tuesdays on Bravo. Recent episodes are available on demand.