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Kristin Cavallari of 'Very Cavallari' (E!)

Kristin Dishes on ‘Very Cavallari’

If you’re even remotely clued in to Kristin Cavallari’s Instagram, you know that something big is coming. Sprinkled amongst the glam fashion shots, photos of the back of her promos for her Uncommon James brand, enviable fashion pics, and even the admittedly random shot of her pretending to eat a chicken strip. it’s there: the promo for the upcoming season of Very Cavallari, which returns this Sunday to E!

If you didn’t tune in last season, fear not – there’s both plenty of time to catch up on demand this weekend, and plenty of reasons to watch. From Jay Cutler’s breakout stardom to the drama of her Uncommon James employees, the show has something to offer even the most skeptical of reality tv viewers. Ahead of the Season 2 premiere, we asked Kristin to give us a little hint about what to expect. Here’s what she had to say.

Sling TV: With so many more employees now, how have the workplace dynamics changed at Uncommon James? Are there any new staff that we should be watching for on the show?

KC: We hired a ton of people in a short amount of time so I’m trying to work on the culture right now. I have some young girls working for me and I’m finding it’s easy for them to get sucked into drama- I’m trying to steer them away from that. I’m also in the process of implementing real structure and company policies. You’ll see a couple new staff members pop up on the show. 

Sling TV: When we left off in Season 1, Jay was questioning what his next career step could be.  What can we expect to see of his professional life or plans in Season 2?

KC: You’ll see more of him trying to figure out exactly what he wants to do. He’s coming to a place of really wanting to do something now. 

Sling TV: Your friendship with Kelly is one of my favorite parts of the show.  What storyline(s) are in store for her this season?

KC: Aw thanks! Kelly has a much bigger role this season and it’s very personal. Some of the stuff she’s going through is going to be very relatable for a lot of women. 

Sling TV: Are there any farm animals in particular we should be keeping an eye out for this season?  Specifically – will there be goats??

KC: There will definitely be goats! And a llama. 

Very Cavallari airs Sundays at 10pm Eastern on E!; Catch up with Season 1 on demand.