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Four Reasons Lifetime’s New Reality Competition ‘Glam Masters’ is Here To Stay

From the second Glam Masters lights up your screen, it reveals a world where the “she had a long night” look is a good thing; it proves that “Jackson Pollock meets Edvard Munch meets classic McQueen” is a sentence that actually makes sense, all while incorporating the distinctive thumbprint of executive producer Kim Kardashian West’s invisible hands.

Glam Masters, premiering Wednesday, is a reality competition show populated by that ridiculously popular set of people who make YouTube makeup tutorials. Week after week, groups of four contestants face off for a spot in the show’s final episodes. The ultimate prize? A collaboration on Kim’s beauty line, KKW Beauty.

But, the show is not exclusively for the YouTube beauty scene. Picture Kim kidnapping Laverene Cox, holding her hostage in a world where Chopped meets The Toy Box meets Instagram. The thrill of watching Laverene Cox fulfill her host and head judge responsibilities is pretty much just that. She’s joined on the judging panel by YouTube makeup expert Kandee Johnson, Marie Claire’s senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi, and Kim Kardashian West’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovi.

With all that in consideration, here’s a few more reasons why we’re pretty sure Glam Masters is here to stay:

They’re already trying out the taglines.

What is Project Runway without “auf wiedersehen,” or America’s Next Top Model without “next level fierce?” Fair, they’d both still be excellent shows, but it’s nice to know those standby soundbites will never fade. Keep an ear out for Glam Masters’ stab at the same thing, as Laverne Cox trots out phrases like “you’ve been wiped from the competition” and “we hope you continue to live a beautiful life.”

They’re slaying the social media game.

Fight it as they may, shows like The Bachelorette are littered with contestants who are there to cultivate their social media following (though some take that a little too far). But, what if a show were to turn the tables on that trend, picking contestants who already have built-in followings? Surely such star power could reach yet-untapped corners of the Internet. In a brilliant stroke of Kim Kardashian West-style publicity power, Glam Masters has done just that. The premiere episode features artists with tens of thousands to literally hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers (see, e.g., Argenis and Taylor, each of whom are already urging their fans to tune in).  And, this video uploaded by vlogger Mallory Cornelison, promoting her participation in the show, has already had over 11,000 views:

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a matriarch like Kim pushing out messaging to her notoriously massive Internet following.

The judges are actually nice

There’s nothing that gives me a fuzzier feeling than reality costars who actually hang out when the cameras aren’t looking, but the warmth of the judges isn’t just reserved for each other. The care which with they craft compliment sandwiches for even the saddest of looks (think a “metallic drip” lip that basically looks like drool) is as unexpected as it is genuine.

Even more surprising, the judges seem to shed actual tears as the eliminations piled up. The sentiment takes a while to get used to, of course, but is a clear indication of (gasp) actual emotion. That’s exactly what I need for a show to get me hooked.

The contestants are actually talented

I’ll admit, I missed out on the whole YouTube thing. My specialty was mostly confined to painting and re-painting my nails while trying to absorb each dogeared page of the latest Seventeen magazine, but even I can appreciate the novelty of watching beauty spreads brought to life, where contestant after contestant does what they do best under the unrelenting pressures of reality competition.

Sure, it’s still a reality show, so it incorporates the inescapable sob stories. “Makeup saved me from drugs” and “makeup is my late-stage rebellion” are likely only the beginning, but beneath the light veil of made-for-TV amplified expression is the talent of true artists, displayed one creation (or selfie, as the case may be) at a time.

Glam Masters premieres Wednesday, February 28 at 10pm ET on Lifetime.