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The ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Performances We’re Playing on Loop

There’s a special corner of the televised universe that’s quickly becoming one of my favorite places to lurk.   Doing exactly as it says on the tin, each Lip Sync Battle episode pits two celebrities (of, admittedly, varying levels of fame) against each other.  For their first act, each lip syncs a song by themselves on stage. …

Brian Cox in 'Succession' (HBO); Kevin Costner in 'Yellowstone' (Paramount)

‘Yellowstone’ vs. ‘Succession’: Which is Right For You?

With so many great new shows coming down the pike, not to mention all the not as new ones that you’ve been meaning to catch up on, we’ve occasionally got to economize, to look for inefficiencies, to ensure that we are getting the most from our TV at any given time without letting it blot…

Teen Mom 2 on MTV

Questionable Life Decisions: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Edition

Every once in a while, Teen Mom 2 weaves together such a delicious doozy of storylines that there is little more to do than stand back and admire the show’s handiwork.  And if you’ve been even somewhat tapped into of extremely questionable decisions underlying the current season, you’ll know that we’re in the midst of…

Yellowstone on Paramount Network

‘Yellowstone’ Could Be the Biggest Thing on TV

It might be a bit soon to say, but Yellowstone could succeed Game of Thrones as the most ambitious, multilayered narrative on television. Debuting last night on Paramount Network, the epic Western tells a story of warring landowners and the competing powers within and related to each group. The premise is not so simplistic as…