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Star Wars on TBS

Celebrate May the Fourth All Month Long with ‘Star Wars’ on TBS

Star Wars is back! Throughout the month of May, TBS brings you all the space opera your nerdy heart can handle. Episodes I – VII are available on demand on TBS, and Episode VIII is available for rent on Sling. Binge now in preparation for Solo: A Star Wars Story, premiering in theaters on May 25, 2018, and click the links in the titles below to watch from the comfort of your Chrome browser.

I. The Phantom Menace

The film that introduced Jar Jar Binks also gave the world Mace Windu, which might be what George Lucas meant when he spoke of balance in the Force.

II. Attack of the Clones

Say what you will about the film’s excessive reliance on CGI, but no other wooden puppet has ever looked as lifelike as Hayden Christensen.

III. Revenge of the Sith

AKA Return to Kashyyyk! It’s almost worth losing almost all the Jedi in the galaxy just to revisit the Wookiees’ home planet 27 years after the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.

IV. A New Hope

Imagine how differently things could have turned out if Uncle Owen had just let Luke go to Tosche Station.

V. The Empire Strikes Back

Major takeaway: the Force evidently believes in swiftly avenging any injustice done to a wampa.

VI. Return of the Jedi

As if childhood was not already confusing enough, Return of the Jedi forced a generation of kids to grapple with the notions that teddy bears can kill and goldfish can talk.

VII. The Force Awakens

You know, Star Wars is really just a multi-picture saga exploring abandonment issues. Deep thoughts.

VIII. The Last Jedi

Luke Skywalker milks a walrus was probably not the future fans would have envisioned back in 1983, but here we are. Available for rent in SD for $4.99 or HD for $5.99, but you’re probably going to want to splurge for HD in order to watch that particular scene again.

Bonus: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Baze and Chirrut still deserve their own prequel, but this will have to do for now. Rent it in SD for $2.99 or HD for $3.99.

Happy May the Fourth!

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