James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem in 'Shut Up and Play the Hits'

Soothe Your End-of-Summer Blues with Five Great Fandor Films

Every month, the film fanatics at Fandor offer five hand-picked movies to all Sling TV subscribers: docs that make you smarter, dramas that draw you in, top-notch comedies, cult favorites, and more — for a limited time only. Every month, the selection refreshes with a handful of all-new titles! Here’s what’s up for September 15 – October 15:


Shut Up and Play the Hits dir. Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern, 2012

They just released American Dream, their first album in the seven years since their infamous disbandment. But back in 2011, avant-pop icons LCD Soundsystem were playing a series of “last shows” full of celebrity sightings, addictively danceable jams,  and bittersweet feelings. The sold-out, nearly-four-hour engagement at Madison Square Garden on April 2, 2011  is the last of those last shows— until now. Take yourself back and let LCD Soundsystem thoroughly rock your world, with a concert documentary for the ages!


The Seasons in Quincy dir. Bartek Dziadosz, Colin McCabe, Christopher Roth, and Tilda Swinton, 2016

John Berger, the celebrated artist and thinker (and author of seminal art interpretation text Ways of Seeing), passed on just at the very beginning of this year. Before his death, four filmmakers joined forces to create a multi-part portrait set in the titular mountain town where he moved from London to live out his golden years. Each of the four parts follows the changing seasons in this picturesque setting, relating them back to Berger’s life and work. A highlight? The first chapter, which features Berger in an illuminating conversation with his longtime friend and collaborator Tilda Swinton. Whether you watch the four portraits piecemeal or all in one go, you’ll come away with deep insight into the workings of a profound and radical mind.


Hello, I Must Be Going dir. Todd Louiso, 2012

Melanie Lynskey (Two and a Half Men, Up in the Air, Ever After, Heavenly Creatures, etc.) flips the script on the dating-younger dramedy trope, playing a divorcée dating a 19-year-old from her hometown — where she’s moved back in with her parents to regroup. Hello, I Must Be Going opened the 2012 Sundance festival, and it’s easy to see why. The role of Amy, a woman unmoored and seeking succor from a secret romance, proved to be a breakout for Lynskey, and it’s easy to see why. As an added bonus, Blythe Danner (mother of Gwyneth Paltrow) shines as Lynskey’s mother, an uptight empty-nester, interrupted.


Elektro Moskva dir. Dominik Spritzendorfer and Elena Tikhonova, 2013

Behind the Iron Curtain, an underground music scene — for tinkerers, by tinkerers — flourished in droll defiance of Communist austerity. Today, the makers, players, and worshippers of these electronic instruments abide at flea markets, in specialty shops, and onstage. This documentary, which is packed with plenty of fascinating interviews and cool archival footage, chronicles the rich history and enduring, avant-garde legacy of Soviet synthesizers. Get your circuits bent and find out how necessity really can be the mother of invention!


Salvador Allende dir. Patricio Guzmán, 2006

In 1970, he was elected president of Chile, the first Marxist in Latin America democratically elected to the presidency. But just three years later, he was ousted in a military coup (which is believed to have been supported by the United States’ CIA), ultimately choosing death over resignation. Who was Salvador Allende, really? This documentary combines archival footage and contemporary interviews with many of the people who knew him best, including his political allies, friends, and family members, creating a powerful and mournful account of the life of the politician who was, and a dirge for what could have been.


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Header image: James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem in Shut Up and Play the Hits, © 2011 Pulse Films. 

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