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Pilar Gamboa and Juan Barberini in 'The Fire'

This Month’s Five Bonus Movies from Fandor

Every month the movie lovers at Fandor hand-pick five movies to offer all Sling TV subscribers, regardless of package, for a limited time only. Here what hot documentaries and cool, compelling features are playing on Sling Central from July 14 — August 14:


Balibo dir. Robert Connolly, 2009

In the lead-up to the  1975 invasion of East Timor by Indonesia, five Australian journalists disappeared in the border town of Balibo. Their fate would be discovered by their friend Roger East, who traveled into the heart of East Timor to find the truth, and face his own date with destiny. A fascinating and still-relevant snapshot of life in wartime, Balibo features actual footage shot by the real “Balibo five” and later discovered by East, played here by Anthony LaPaglia.


Pulp: A Film About Life Death and Supermarkets dir. Florian Habicht, 2014

So much more than a “rock doc”, this is a story of a band: Pulp, their frontman: Jarvis Cocker, and the place that made them: Sheffield, their Southern Yorkshire hometown. As Pulp prepares to stage their farewell show in the place where it all began, Pulp delves into how a place makes us, and what it means to be “from” somewhere — and gives us a heaping side of electrifying, live performance footage, too.


The Fire dir. Juan Schnitman, 2015

Marcelo and Lucia are a young couple in Buenos Aires with a deeply toxic relationship and, when their apartment purchase is stalled, a stress-inducing amount of cash to look after. Over the next twenty-four hours, the cracks in their outward performance of normalcy begin to grow and widen. Anchored by a pair of astoundingly good performances, The Fire pokes at frayed nerves around sex, money, violence, despair, and love.


Alive Inside dir. Michael Rossato-Bennett, 2015

Any doubts as to the power of music to reach the deepest and most enduring part of ourselves will be destroyed by this poignant documentary, which bears witness to the ways that simply hearing a certain song can profoundly reconnect us with our sense of self. Plus, insightful interviews and amazing anecdotes provide the scientific proof to back that magic up.


Edvard Munch dir. Peter Watkins, 1974

The Scream is probably one of the most recognizable and resonant works of art ever created — but what do we know about the painter who created it? Travel back to the nineteenth century and get to know Munch, his demons, and his redemptive art like never before, in a richly layered and highly acclaimed biopic that, itself, paints a vivid portrait of an artist and his time.


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