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The Fandor Five: September – October

Every month the movie lovers at Fandor hand-pick five movies for all Sling TV subscribers — you don’t have to have the Fandor channel to watch them. Each month, the Sling Central channel refreshes with five fresh carefully curated titles. Fall into these fascinating documentaries and fabulous fiction films available September 14 — October 14:


Los Lonely Boys: Cottonfields and Crossroads dir. Hector Galan, 2006

A Chicano rock band made up of three brothers with a unique blend of influences — from soul to Tejano — that they call “Texican”, Los Lonely Boys are the real deal, and filmmaker Hector Galan follows them as they teeter on the cusp of major fame. Since filming, they’ve recorded four more albums and won a Grammy, but in those days, they were still touring in a Dodge van while hashing out their family drama. It’s fitting that this movie, which lets viewers be a fly on the wall during that oh-so-important tour, premiered at the prestigious and musically-driven SXSW film festival!

Bernice Bobs Her Hair dir. Joan Micklin Silver, 1976

In a 1970s vision of flapper-era party intrigue, the incomparable Shelley Duvall plays the awkward new girl in town who gets a pity makeover and then threatens the existing social order, prompting haircut-based retaliation. Bernice Bobs Her Hair is adapted from a short story by none other than F. Scott Fitzgerald!

Children of Invention dir. Tze Chun, 2009

A single mother struggles to support and protect  her two young children by working multiple jobs and getting sucked into pyramid schemes, even after being evicted. When she goes missing, the brother and sister realize they will need to fend for themselves— and keep anyone from finding out that they are on their own.


Girl Model dir. David Redmon and Ashley Sabin, 2011

Ashley is a model scout who recruits Siberian tweens to work in Japan. This documentary follows her and one of her young hires, thirteen-year-old small-town girl Nadya, as they traverse the tricky and often exploitative international modeling industry. Along the way, they raise difficult questions about glamour, youth, class, and ethics that are not easily answered.


The River dir. Jarmo Lampela, 2001

The ordinary meets the extraordinary as, in a rich and compelling series of vignettes that connect and intersect over the course of one fateful Saturday morning, the lives and struggles of the inhabitants of a small Finnish town are revealed to the audience. From a pair of punk kids to an infatuated waitress, to returned prodigal son to a troubled teenager (and many more), every character leaves a mark.


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