The Fandor Five: October-November

Every month the movie lovers at Fandor hand-pick five movies for all Sling TV subscribers — you don’t have to have the Fandor channel to watch them. Each month, the Sling Central channel refreshes with five fresh carefully curated titles. Fall into these fascinating documentaries and fabulous fiction films available October 14 — November 14:


Keyhole dir. Guy Maddin, 2011

The Canadian director Guy Maddin started off as a banker before deciding to enter the world of film. Once he arrived, his dark and surreal twists on the aesthetics of the silent era revealed him to be one of the most renowned and innovative filmmakers working today. His film, Keyhole takes on the trappings of the gangster film, the haunted house, the melodrama, and the surreal experiment. In the film Ulysses Pick, played by Jason Patric, makes his way past police back into his old house with fellow gang members. Carrying with him a man who has been bound and gagged and the body of a teenage girl, Patric arduously attempts to make it through his own house to his wife, played by wonderful Isabella Rossellini.


The Strange Case of Angelica dir. Manoel de Oliveira, 2010

Directed by the portuguese filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira at the spry age of 101 years old, The Strange Case of Angelica is a film which attempts to explore the meaning of cinema itself. The film follows Isaac, played by Ricardo Trêpa, a photographer who has been asked to take photos of the dead Angélica, played by Pilar López de Ayala. However, when Isaac goes to take the photos he finds that she seems alive, but only behind the camera. As the Film progresses Isaac is increasingly haunted by Angélica presence, yet haunting quickly turns to love. The whole production has a charming familiar quality to it as well, because Trêpa, in addition to being the star, also happens to be Oliveira’s grandson.


Nosferatu dir. F.W. Murnau, 1922

A hallmark of the German expressionist movement. This notorious and highly influential illegitimate version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula stars Max Schreck as the vampire Count Orlock and Gustav von Wangenheim as Thomas Hutter who is summoned to Orlock’s castle on business. Hutter begins to suspect Orlock evil nature, however, he is is unable to escape Orlock’s sinister influence as he purchases the house next door to Hutter and his wife. A film that is famous for its dramatic use of shadow, which would go on to influence both American Horror and Film Noir.


Hard Labor dir. Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra, 2011

In Hard Labor, Helena Albergaria, plays a character of the same name who is attempting to open her own grocery store. Helena finds her goals complicated, however, as she is forced to provide for her family after her husband loses his job. As the film progresses she learns more about the derelict building she is renovating and it’s disturbing secrets. The line between her own problems and those of the building seem to blur as both become increasingly cumbersome. Hard Labor is a tense drama which exposes the ways in which our societal anxieties seep into the very structures of our lives, it is profound, and enlightening. A must watch.


Better This World dir. Kelly Duane and Katie Galloway, 2011

Often described as a Docu-Thriller, Better This World is an intense examination of the lives of two young men whose radicalization and political dicent receives intense backlash in the post 9/11 environment of counter terrorism and paranoia. David McKay and Bradley Crowder are arrested at the 2008 Republican National Convention for terrorism charges. The film explores their relationship with a mentor who helped to radicalize them leading up to the convention. Ultimately, Better This World is a documentary which explores the ways in which our societal fears limit our ability to enact change and speak out.


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