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Chiwitel Ojiafor in 'Endgame' (Fandor)

Five Bonus Movies on Fandor – August to September 2018

Every month the movie lovers at Fandor hand-pick five movies to offer all Sling TV subscribers, regardless of package, for a limited time only. Each month, the Sling Central channel refreshes with a handful of all-new titles! Here are the smart, globally-minded docs and dramas playing on Sling Central from August 14 — September 14:…

The Year of Spectacular Men MarVista Entertainment

Lea Thompson’s ‘The Year of Spectacular Men’ Is All Heart

First things first: Lea Thompson is a national comedic treasure. True, it’s still decades too soon to compare her career to Betty White’s, but that degree of unequivocal admiration is almost certainly in her future (or ought to be, in a fair and just universe). Here’s hoping her latest title, The Year of Spectacular Men,…

Black Panther Copyright 2018 Marvel

10 Reasons to Rent ‘Marvel Studios’ Black Panther’ on Sling

It will be another year until part two of Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters, but anxious audiences can return to Wakanda again (and again!) when Black Panther is released for rent on Tuesday. In the unlikely event you were not already planning to watch, below are the ten best reasons to check out this…

The Lodgers

‘The Lodgers’ Conjures Classic Gothic Chills

You don’t need to be an English major to thoroughly enjoy The Lodgers, but it certainly makes the experience a bit more exciting. Dripping with textbook Gothic motifs, The Lodgers pays homage to the greats of the genre, specifically Henry James, Edgar Allan Poe, and Ann Radcliffe. The filmmaker’s admiration is explicit; in one scene,…