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Christmas Movies Are Now Available to Rent on Sling TV

Sling TV is so full of the holiday spirit, our zip code might as well be in Whoville. Between the holiday programming on live TV, the full slate of Lifetime Movies On Demand and two months worth of Hallmark Christmas premieres, our stocking is overflowing with gifts this holiday season. But sometimes you just want…

December Guide to New Lifetime Christmas Movies

Watching a Lifetime Christmas movie is like catching up with an old family friend: Comforting, familiar and good for the soul. Fittingly, many of Lifetime’s library of Christmas movies feature actors you’ll be happy to get reacquainted with. From Melissa Joan-Hart starring in Christmas Reservations — her fifth straight year appearing in the It’s A…

December Guide To New Hallmark Christmas Movies

For the past decade, the Hallmark Channel has been dishing out holiday movies with the joy and generosity of Scrooge on Christmas morning. For the 10th anniversary of Countdown to Christmas, their stocking of original movies is overflowing with gifts, with a whopping 24 movies premiering during their signature two-month event. As the holiday season…

The Sling TV Guide To Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving is a far superior holiday to Christmas for a variety of reasons. It’s non-denominational, there are no presents to buy and there are a cornucopia of foods we don’t normally eat. But there’s one other thing that really sets Thanksgiving apart: You can have the TV on pretty much all day without anyone beefing….