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Freaky Friday on Disney Channel

Disney Channel’s ‘Freaky Friday’ Musical Brings Back the Body-Swap

Freaky Friday is here again!

Adapted from a popular stage musical that follows the same basic premise as the much-loved Freaky Friday films, Disney’s latest iteration focuses on a widowed mother named Katherine (Broadway’s Heidi Blickenstaff), who supports her two children with her self-made catering business, and on Katherine’s daughter, Elle (Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Dolphin Tale), a headstrong teenager still grieving the loss of her father. Like Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan (or Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster, depending on your generation), this mother-daughter pairing magically switch bodies, this time through the power of a mysterious hourglass. Though the story may be familiar, Disney adds a unique spin this time around with catchy new songs that convey the characters’ inner dialogues, as well as some exciting dance routines that could incite kids and other young-at-heart viewers to join an impromptu jitterbug.

At the time of the body-switch, Katherine is preparing for her upcoming nuptials and balancing the added duties of being both caterer and wedding planner. Facing so monumental a task, she finds herself understandably frazzled on the eve of her rehearsal. Meanwhile, Elle is preparing for “The Hunt,” a schoolwide scavenger hunt that leads her all around the city. The Hunt has long been dominated by Elle’s classmate, Savannah, the school’s princess and resident bully, who takes particular pleasure in tormenting Elle.

As Katherine and Elle stumble through one another’s existence, trying desperately to keep the wedding on track and to find a second enchanted hourglass to switch their bodies back (the first hourglass breaks after working its charm), the two learn more than they ever expected about the challenges of each other’s lives. Through their magical mix up, each gains a healthy perspective on how the other is really feeling inside.

As with all Disney Channel Original Movies, Freaky Friday offers some valuable life lessons, this time about spending time in someone else’s shoes and not judging the actions of others without first understanding their motivations. Pairing timeless teachings with dazzling song and dance routines, Freaky Friday has everything you need to spend a magical night at home with your family, no hourglass required.

Freaky Friday premieres at 8pm ET on Friday, August 10 on Disney Channel.